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How to Become an Accounting Director

Career News September 2, 2013

An accounting director is one of many positions that require accounting knowledge and finance principles, though this avenue specifically involves accounting, payroll and cost tracking. While not all tax jobs or financial positions are predicted to increase, accounting director is one of the positions set to grow over the next ten years. This is because financial reporting requirements are becoming more complex. An accounting director job can follow CPA certification, though experience and higher degrees such as a master’s degree can create a stronger application.

About the Job of Accounting Director

Once hired, you will be providing services to controllers and finance workers, either as an in-house worker or freelance consultant. The accounting director’s job will mainly involve fulfilling company objectives and organizing reports, as well as reviewing company finances. He or she is not only overseeing the process, but is responsible for ensuring the information is correct and all systems are efficient. Depending on experience and position, this professional may also oversee contracts, acquisitions and any other financial avenue in which planning or shaping policy plays a key role. However, these specifics do depend on the size of the company, as well as the total number of staff. This job involves primarily office work, though traveling to conferences in other states may be necessary. Pay for this position is competitive, usually beyond $102,000 per year, with the smallest percentage earning a minimum of $73,000 annually.

The Educational Path to an Office Job

An accounting director hopeful can earn a CPA certification, but even that accomplishment is only available to students with a minimum level of higher education. A bachelor’s degree would qualify you, but a master’s degree would entitle you to a more stable job, an easier job search, and higher pay. Subjects to aim for include accounting and financing, including studies in investment theory, management, economics, strategy costs and other related subjects.

Even when you graduate, you should put forth effort to learn modern techniques of leadership, since this is a leadership position, as well as management and negotiation skills. An understanding of financial risk and the ability to interpret economic data is a must, while critical thinking is also important to real world problem-solving. As you gain experience, you can move into more leadership-oriented assignments. Creativity and directing-ability (as in the willingness and skill you have to delegate and teach others) will also come in handy. You will be working with top-level management, which means people-skills are a priority.

However, don’t underestimate the educational aspect of this job, which does expect a certain caliber of technical training, proven managerial experience or knowledge, and a thorough understanding accounting methods in the business world. This job would be ideal for students with an interest in leadership, as well as a natural charisma that he or she can use in communicating with others. Bear in mind, sometimes experience lands the most illustrious job, so always work towards gaining valuable resume points even if you start out in a related field. Why not make a change in your career today and reach out for a top-paying job? Nothing is beyond your grasp, if you are willing to learn the tools and tricks of the trade.

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