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Job Requirements of a California Highway Patrol Officer

Career News October 15, 2015

Overview of California Highway Patrol Officer Job Requirements

If you like to become a California Highway patrol officer, the following information about their duties and qualification details is a must read. In addition, training and educational requirements have also been briefly outlined.

California Highway Patrol Officer Job Description

As a California highway patrol officer, your main duty is to ensure that the roads of California are safe. In addition, the highway patrol officer will be tasked with investigating criminal activities in the area, providing security for state buildings, and giving a hand to the area law enforcement officers where needed. Also, note that a California highway patrol officer may be required to ensure safety and public order, write tickets and reports where necessary and most importantly, ensure that they enforce the California Vehicle code.

Job Requirement Details


The minimum education levels needed for one to join the California Highway Patrol forces is a high school Diploma, GED or achieve the minimum passing score on the California High School proficiency exam. This is according to the California Highway Patrol Website ( The website states that it very much welcomes job applicants with an associate’s Degree or higher in fields such as English, Mathematics, Physics or in physical fitness. Having an associate’s degree in criminal justice, law or in pre-law would definitely increase your chances of acquiring the job.

Skill Required

Besides having the aforementioned education details, potential California Highway Patrol officers should have good physical fitness, be healthy mentally and emotionally, and have no record of felony convictions. Finally, a CHP applicant must be a U.S. citizen whether by birth, registration or through naturalization.

Career and Salary Details

According to the California Highway Patrol’s website, as per 2013, a cadet on training earns a salary of between $4,274 and $5,361 per month, while a CHP earns an annual base salary of $67,764 and there is a possibility of an increase in pay.

The training period lasts for about 8-12 months, but most importantly, note that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for police in the country will continue to rise at the rate of 5% between the year 2012 to 2022.

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