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Jobs in Industrial Psychology

Career News August 23, 2013

Jobs in industrial psychology pertain to working within company structures. Companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their sales and efficiency, which directly influence cost, and companies have discover that much of this efficiency and profit is directly related to the happiness of their employees. This is why corporations and even smaller family owned businesses are looking into industrial psychologist for help. Working as an industrial psychologist will help you learn vital aspects of this specific form of psychology. It starts with school training, and you will be able to enter this career field.

What do Industrial Psychologists do?

Industrial psychologists are in charge of creating systems, and managing employees specifically with a view towards helping them stay challenged, happy, pleased with their jobs, and work efficiently. They also make sure workers always feel as if they are treated fairly. These duties involve evaluation, research and educating others. Sometimes workers will have to address serious issues like harassment and discrimination or simply keep workers motivated to give 100%. Workers are not motivated without incentive of some sort, whether that’s monetary or just emotional. The industrial psychologist helps develop work processes, various aspects related to the organization.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Workers interested in industrial psychology usually start with a bachelor or master degree in this subject, though deeper education is required to land a position as a leader within an organization. Associated fields besides the core subject might include human resources or organizational development. Meanwhile, a full doctorate degree can take over five years for completion. Abilities required to succeed in this career field include communication skills.

How Much Do Psychologists in this Field Make?

Much of what you make in this field depends on the position you land and the company’s wealth. This is actually a tremendous opportunity for you, as companies oftentimes pay more than clinics. However, your salary is also affected by your level of education, where you work, and what work experience you bring to the table. On average, psychologists with a Ph.D. made over $80,000 annually while consultants made over $75,000 a year. Meanwhile, students with a master’s degree made over $60,000 annually.

The outlook of the career is promising, since according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand is set to increase and particularly for students who hold master’s degrees and doctorate level degrees. There are also many small businesses willing to pay top dollar for consultants and human resource specialists.

The facts show that companies cannot afford to go without management, organization and psychological research within their own ranks. Whenever they do, there is bound to be repercussions. Investing in industrial psychology is the best way to ensure that the organization works like a well-oiled machine and that everyone’s needs are met. The results will be a happier group of workers and a more profitable company. Take a step forward and sign up to one of the schools below, so you can begin this rewarding career field.

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