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Occupational Psychologist Salary Information

Career News August 15, 2013

An occupational psychologist is similar to an industrial psychologist; this is a mental health worker that primarily works within the work place. The corporate world has a place for experienced and knowledgeable occupational psychologists, as good mental health often means a more efficiently running and profitable business. In fact, those who usually do find a job in this field often love the corporate world, and find it challenging and fun to advance within a corporation working in evaluation and management.

Required Knowledge and Experience

You are responsible not only for interactions between workers and employers, but also implementing systems and procedures that care for the individual. You are also in charge of monitoring systems and mechanical stations, so you can determine where problems occur in daily interaction. You must not only have evaluative skills, but also the ability to problem-solve when necessary.

Gaining work experience is necessary after education, and this will undoubtedly influence your future salary. Usually, two or three internships are expected, as you must be exposed to different environments before you can be expected to problem-solve various issues that arise. Your job is partly monitoring, and also interacting and empathizing with workers.

Figures for Occupational Psychologist Salary

Information about salary, gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that most occupational doctors make approximately $100,000 annually, as most commercial companies can afford to pay more money than small clinics or hospitals. Graduates with work experience stand to make more money because salaries increase with education level. Doctorate level graduates make the most, although non-doctorate level candidates can sometimes make up to $45 per hour (approximately $90,000 annually). There are also high-paying positions in the areas of consulting.

The more work you accomplish, the more valuable you become to a company. These duties could include redesigning the work environment and finding creative ways to create an ideal atmosphere and help workers feel appreciated. Sometimes you are even assigned tasks related to hiring and testing new candidates. Conflict management and education to other workers may also be included among your list of duties.

How Much Will You Make?

After graduating from a school like the ones listed below, much of your salary will be based on your education and even your scores in college. Typically, master’s degree or doctorate level graduates stand to make the most, as well as those who specialize in business management, organizational psychology and law. In addition to this education, you may also find it advantageous to seek a counseling degree and/or a business degree, as these duties are extremely important in the daily work of an Occupational Psychologist.

Besides being licensed and certified, you must demonstrate good people skills to be taken seriously as a top level hire. The ability to learn quickly and be charismatic and likable with all levels of employees is one last personality trait that will be appreciated from the higher-ups of a company focused on progress. If you are aggressive about solutions, but patient with people, this is a career path you will enjoy!

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