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Salary Information on Various Positions in the Culinary Arts Field

Career News December 2, 2014

The culinary arts are fascinating and tasty too, which explains your interest. Education is paramount, though a natural knack for entertaining guests always helps.

You are interested in the culinary arts field and looking into different types of culinary arts you can learn. Most importantly, you want to know what the salaries are and if it’s worth it in the end.

The Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage starts at around $42,000 and goes up from there; in some situations, it can reach a six-figure salary. This would depend on the amount of education and years of experience and exposure. Along with that criteria, the location of employment matters, as does working for casinos, resorts, and upscale restaurants. The type of company plays a major part in the culinary arts salary you can make.

What You Study

In the culinary arts programs, you can study bakery and pastry baker, in which you might get a certification, chef’s assistant, which is a two-year degree, line cook, food and beverage servers, food preparation workers, and food service managers. The education can range from a few months up to as much as eight years, and this would include your experience and exposure.

Internships and Nutrition

Sometimes there is on-the-job training and internships, in which you can learn tricks and tips of the trade. There are also sanitation and safety rules and regulations that will require memorizing, not to mention details concerning nutrition and food science. Having creativity and a good imagination are great skills when preparing and presenting your creations of food art.

Your Future

Obviously, the amount of education and experience you have will make a difference in determining your culinary arts salary. It is important to choose the program that fits your desires and needs concerning education levels. Research what community colleges are in your area.

Check into any financial aid programs you might qualify for. See what is involved in their curriculum and what kind of hours in school might be required. Sometimes flexibility in the hours can be helpful in obtaining the kind of education you are seeking.

Wages Vary by Company

The wages can be vast, and your chosen field in the culinary arts is a variable. When making your decision of the culinary field of choice, research the expectations of your role as well as the projected culinary arts salary the best in the business can make. Check into whether or not benefits such as a 401k are offered, as this can make a difference in long-term profitability.

You may also want to talk to other chefs and bakers to see what they have experienced and what kind of salary they are making. Talk to them about their opinions of the field. They may be able to give some insight and different perspectives that you may not have thought of before.

Being proactive in your research will pay off in the end and give you special insight into what the best route may be for you.

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