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What is the Salary Range for Chefs Working in Texas?

Career News July 22, 2014

Have you considered becoming a chef in Texas? Texas is a state that’s very eclectic when it comes to cuisine. There are a variety of food and restaurant styles, from international flavors, to unique party establishments, to special diet restaurants that serve vegan or vegetarian entrees.

Texas Salaries

While you might figure much of the eclectic nature comes from college king Austin, don’t underestimate Fort Worth and Dallas, two of the biggest cities anywhere in the country. Houston is also a “Mecca” of attention, and oftentimes where the chefs hoping to earn big look for work first.

The salary range for a chef in Texas depends on what specialty area you aim for in your endeavors. According to, the average salary for the state is $46,000. The lowest tier belonged to food enthusiasts who brought home $25,000, while chef managers earned slightly more at $45,000 per year. Corporate chefs earned more, taking in $77,000 on average, surpassing even executive chef, who earned $61,000. It is entirely possible to make $100,000 in this profession, provided you can find a restaurant in a big city that responds well to your style — and of course, if you ace the interview.

While subcontracting has its own rewards, and the ability to choose your own venues and potentially earn more money by the job, it does not include benefits that accompany a corporate position. The usual benefits provided for corporate-level cooks include Social Security, 401K or 403B, disability insurance, health care, pension, and time off. With a base salary of approximately $60,000, the bonuses are extra incentive to keep in mind.

Other Factors That Determine Salary Range for a Chef in Texas

Usually, your salary matches your job description. High profile businesses and executive positions that require you to supervise others pay more than smaller or mid-range companies and stores. The high-paying jobs will often come with hefty responsibilities, such as:

•Directing kitchen operations
•Creating menus
•Buying inventory and supplies
•Keeping costs down and the restaurant profitable
•Testing recipes and creating new ones based on market need or request
•Monitoring customer satisfaction for the city
•Keeping in compliance with Texas state and country sanitation regulations

The more education you have, the higher salary you can expect, though high salary is not always guaranteed by a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree. On the other hand, seven years of experience in the field (in a corporate facility or regular contract work) would look impressive on a resume.

All in all, this is a career where creativity is appreciated, and one where you can make a lot of friends and acquaintances, which will directly improve your career options and salary potential. If you are interested in learning about salary range for a chef in Texas, the best thing to do now is start educating yourself formally, while also keeping your options open for local cooking experience, even if it’s at an IHOP or Olive Garden. These popular restaurant jobs can be a stepping-stone to greater things, if you have the persistence.

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