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Top Reasons to Participate in a Nurse Mentorship

Career News September 22, 2013

With any profession, there is a certain amount of mentorship that goes into the training and development of new employees. Mentorship is a way for experienced employees to assist in the learning and development in their new job. Not only does mentorship help develop a new employee, but it also helps build meaningful relationships between people. Nurses have one of the most demanding jobs that can be found in the workforce. Nurse mentorship is a great way to help young people find their place in an ever changing environment.

Top Reasons why Nurse Mentorship is great to Participate In

•Every person has had to start somewhere in the workforce. Those who have great mentors have gone on to have a rewarding career. Nurse mentors get the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping the next group of leaders develop into top performers who are committed to quality care and patient needs.

•Mentors often get the opportunity to grow in their role as they instruct and influence their students. Mentors must continue to learn and change in their careers if they are going to be successful in teaching students.

•Mentorship can be on a personal or a professional level. Personal mentoring takes time to develop since it involves relationships and often friendships between two people. Professional mentoring is more seen to take place on the job. As a mentor, there is the opportunity to build lasting friendships and excel in a career by effectively teaching others.

•Mentors get the chance to develop certain people skills that are often left undeveloped in relationships. A mentor needs to be friendly, have a great sense of humor, be available to help and patient. Without these skills, a mentor will fail to reach into the lives of other people.

•Effective mentorship will also lead to higher paying positions and chance for advancement. People who are great communicators and teach well will be asked to fill other positions as they come available. The more experience a mentor has, the more jobs they are able to do and are able to teach others more effectively.

•Mentors have an unique opportunity of changing the environment in which they work. Training new employees will in effect change the environment to operate the way the people have been trained.

Mentors are people who have the chance to train and help others excel in their personal career paths. They can change the environment in which they serve and influence others to make better choices in life. As a nurse mentor, there are several benefits and rewards with teaching others. Take the time and the challenge of mentoring someone. It will be a fun and exciting part of the job.

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