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Top Websites to Find Nursing Jobs

Career News July 6, 2014

The Advantages of the Internet

Before the advent of social networking, job hunting was a very time-consuming task. It involved poring through the telephone directory, checking the newspaper help wanted section daily, writing letters to prospective out-of-state employers, and pounding a lot of pavement.

An internship during the college years often shortened the task, but the automatic openings afforded still posed the question, “Is this the place I want to commit to for my career?” When you weighed in the years of serious study, the dedication to the disciplines involved, and your own experiences with community service and group activities, the question became extremely relevant.

Instant communications have changed the entire process of job searching, hiring policies, specialization possibilities, and social attitudes. It has changed the way you study. Computer skills are a necessary requirement in all job capacities at the professional, clerical, and management level.

Students that cannot afford or do not have time for a campus environment can take advantage of the many online offers for entering a degree program. There are even jobs available for nurses to work straight from the home, such as in a medical call center or telephone triage.

Using Your Internet Tools to Find Nursing Jobs

Students that have taken online courses are very familiar with much of the social networking setup for nurses. They create profiles for LinkedIn and Facebook. They join online support groups for nurses, participate in discussion forums, and follow information channels. They’ve created a visible face on the Internet, one that already reveals degree of dedication to care providing, pursuit of higher education, and personality traits. You’ve made your intentions clear. Now it’s time to find an employer.

One of the best sites for entry-level nurses and for the nursing field in general is It will provide you with news of nursing jobs and will provide a platform for discussion, knowledgeable advice articles on specialty jobs, critical care, degree programs, and preparation for overseas jobs.

For a concentrated search, provides a quick way to review the opportunities available within your specific or desired location and is grouped into specialty, state, and employer.

The Monster Search to Find Nursing Jobs

Monster, SimplyHired, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are all large job sites that require careful keyword placement. You may narrow your job search down by identifying your specialty area and the location where you wish to work. If you have a specific employer in mind, you can narrow the job search by typing in the employer’s name.

Find Nursing Jobs from Home

Telecommunicating health-related services is a rapidly growing industry. Licensure is usually necessary, but the opportunities to work from a desk are increasing. As a medical call center agent, you would perform a telephone triage, giving medical advice and following up on the well being of patients.

Insurance companies and some businesses have also begun using telecommunicating health services. Online jobs can also be found in online faculty positions and as a nurse writer.

Finding a job using the Internet is still a time-consuming task. It involves a lot of filtering through of different job offers, voluminous e-mail correspondence, and social networking. You increase your chances by creating a profile and online resume. With a well-organized plan, though, you can find the job you had in mind when you chose a nursing career.

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