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U.S. States That Have High Demand for Nurses

Career News March 10, 2013

There is a serious shortage of nurses in some states within the United States. The US Registered Nurse Workforce Report Card and Shortage Forecast predict that the demand for nurses will increase for the next two decades. Let’s take a look at the states where the need is strongest.


There is a severe shortage of nurses in Alaska. Even though, this is a large state, it does not have a large population. Therefore, there are not many nursing programs available to those who are interested in the profession. The state does rely heavily on nurses that come from other states, and this makes the problem worse. Winter months have short days; summers have long days. Along with the cold temperatures and how difficult it is to travel to rural areas, these factors contribute to the shortage that is expected to continue.


Retiring in Arizona has become exceedingly popular due to the climate, affordable housing and the fact that there is no income tax in this state. This has led to an increase in population and the need for more nurses. It also means that those who are moving to Arizona are older and have more healthcare concerns.


Medical facilities are far apart in Arkansas, which necessitates long drives to receive medical attention. Some of the mountain areas of the state do not have any medical facilities to serve the needs of those that live there. Arkansas has an exceptionally severe problem in trying to bring health care to areas with small populations, and the problem is not expected to improve in the near future. People who live in these areas are getting older, and this leads to additional need for medical care.


The shortage of nurses in California is not expected to improve any time soon. California has a large population and lower income areas are in desperate need of nurses. The urban areas are also experiencing problems because of the dense population and steps have to be taken to ensure that the level of nursing services available will be sufficient to serve the needs of the people.


The warm climate of Florida and presence of beaches have led to an influx of retirees to the state. Like Arizona, Florida faces a nursing shortage as these newcomers also bring their medical conditions with them. The regular population of the state is also aging, and there are areas where there is a limited amount of medical care available. This means that emergency rooms becomes more crowded than normal and is a situation that could be avoided, if there were medical facilities in place.


With no income tax, affordable housing and pleasant climate, more and more people are choosing to retire in Nevada.


Texas has become the state of choice for military retirees because of the services available to them through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), as well as other military benefits. A person who lives here does not pay state income tax. Texas is an extremely large state and seeing growth in elderly residents that need medical attention. There are numerous small towns throughout the state where there is a strong need for qualified nurses to help with ordinary problems.

Georgia, Hawaii and New Mexico

Three other states that are reporting shortages in nurses are Georgia, Hawaii and New Mexico. Many nurses in these states are getting older and retiring themselves causing a shortage in hospitals and other health care facilities. The population of these states is aging as it is throughout the United States.

There is no doubt that the opportunities for nurses in the United States will increase in the years to come. Although nursing is not an easy profession, it is one in which you will get employment. Graduating from an accredited School of Nursing will guarantee you a job and a good salary.

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