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Wage Outlook for an MBA Program Graduate in Global Management

Career News June 13, 2015

Students enrolled in an MBA program in Global Management are prepared for various jobs working in finance. Increasingly, businesses expect their employees to have substantial knowledge of international business practices (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Earning an MBA in Global Management could benefit both top executives and management analysts.

Job Options for MBA Program Graduates in Global Management

Students enrolled in MBA degree programs in Global Management are trained for numerous careers in international business and finance. Business-related jobs are a natural consequence of graduates arming themselves with a valuable tool in the form of an MBA in any business-related area. Graduates with an MBA in Global Management can choose from numerous lucrative job options, such as management analyst and executive.

Management Analyst

People sometimes refer to management analysts as management consultants, who work at analyzing data provided by organizations and companies. Management analysts aim at effecting improvements in the areas of an organization’s structure, profit or efficiency. Individuals with graduate degrees and an area of specialization enjoy the best career prospects. Management analysts can seek specialization in a field such as healthcare, logistics or marketing.

Management analysts with a focus on international affairs enjoy high demand owing to the overall growth of international business. Many U.S. businesses seeking to grow globally may rely on analysts for the creation of strategies and plans to ensure entry into these new markets. Increasing international business may also lead to competition with rivals from other countries, in addition to domestic ones. The demand for the acquisition of greater efficiency of resources, which could lead to lower costs, may also spur an increased demand for management analysts.

Wage Outlook

In May 2014, management analysts brought in an average annual wage of $90,860 (BLS). Over the 2012 – 2022 decade, a faster than average job growth of 19% has been predicted for these professionals (BLS).


The company’s top executives have the task of setting up organization-wide goals; they also have to work with other top executives while creating strategies to fulfill these goals. Executives often create the workplace’s organizational culture and company policies.

The responsibility of running the company and its results rest with the top executives, leading to a high degree of stress, as they work hard to maximize efficiency and results.

While executive position employers don’t spell out any educational prerequisites, graduate degrees are held by these professionals in financial areas such as global management, business administration, and accounting, among numerous other relevant subjects. The wage levels of these professionals vary by ability and performance on the job. Given that international business increasingly impacts businesses of every size, executives would benefit hugely from holding an MBA in Global Management.

Wage Outlook

In May 2013, chief executives brought in an average annual wage of $178,400 (BLS).

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