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Ways to Beat Work Stress

Career News March 24, 2013

Even at the best of times, job stress is inevitable. During an economic slump such as the current one, it is even worse, whether you are employed on Wall Street or simply watching your portfolio of shares plummeting in value. In this article, we will show you nine ways to beat work stress.

Number One – Exercise

By exercising, it will produce endorphins that will make you happy. A short run during the day or a brisk walk or some simple stretches can transform stress into a positive factor in your life. If you are feeling ambitious, then get a gym membership and start hitting the elliptical, treadmill, and yoga class during your lunch break. A little endorphin rush and sweat could be what you need to de-stress.

Number Two – Go Grab Lunch

How often do you skip lunch because you have too much work to catch up on? Rather than order lunch at your desk, the sensible thing to do would be to take a break from the office and choose a change in scenery, either by yourself or with a co-worker. The break will actually help restore your sanity and improve your productivity.

Number Three – Work Remotely

Sometime just getting away from the workplace can reduce stress. Seek permission from your employer to be able to work from home occasionally. That would not only let you perform work in the relaxing environment of your home, but also save you from the stressful traffic you will otherwise have to encounter commuting to work.

Number Four – On the Job Naps

The idea of taking a nap at work may be foreign to many people, but companies are realizing the benefit of higher productivity achieved by allowing employees to take a siesta of about twenty minutes during the work day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, short naps will improve your performance, alertness, and mood, as well as reducing accidents and mistakes. A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) study performed on astronauts and military pilots found that forty minutes nap improved performance by thirty-four percent and alertness by one hundred percent.

Number Five – Meditation

Do not be afraid of the word meditation, and you do not have to practice Buddhism to benefit from it. Meditation is simply calming yourself down through a series of deep breathing exercises in order to re-energize and re-focus. Think of it as a form of zoning out experience rather than as a religious practice. The way to do this is to find a quiet place where you can block out all the noises and spend ten to fifteen minutes thinking of calm and peaceful thoughts.

Number Six – Venting

While inward reflection and meditation may be an option for some people, but others might need to vent.

Discussing your frustrations with friends, family members, or spouse rather than bottling them up within yourself will help you calm your nerves and relax. If you are venting to a co-worker, you should be very selective and only speak with ones who are trustworthy especially if you are discussing office woes. A majority of us had benefited from time to time when we get things off of our chest, so a great kvetching session may be the thing that the doctor ordered.

Number Seven – Get Some Answers

A majority of stress in our lives are caused by lack of answers or uncertainty. As we watch the stock market spiral downwards, there is a lot of uncertainty about our money, especially our savings. You need to address the uncertainty by asking your financial advisor questions like “should I decrease my 401k contribution due to the volatile condition of the market?” Sometimes staying proactive may be an enormous stress-reducer.

Number Eight – Soothe the Savage Stressful Beast

Whether you like Lady Gaga or Backstreet Boys, there is nothing quite as relaxing as getting lost in your favorite music. It does not matter what type of music you are into, if you ever feel stressed out at work, then slip on your headphones and turn on some music. The emergence of Internet radio websites like Spotify and Pandora makes it easier to listen to music that will help get you through the day along with calming you down. Kenny G and Enya eat your heart out. If you are not interested in listening to music, then listen or watch something that is comical, it is bound to make you laugh. Or check out videos that are trending on YouTube or other video websites.

Number Nine – Visit Your Happy Place

It may have been when you visited Hawaii during your honeymoon or the week you spent hiking up the Appalachian Trail, but whether it was a Kodak moment from your youth or feeling of total bliss while on vacation; you should grab a reminder of that moment and place it on your office table. Whenever stress is killing you or office is getting crazy, spend some time looking at photos and allow yourself to drift back in time during that moment. Even if, it is only for a few minutes, it will have a calming effect that will get you through your work day. If you do not have any vacation photos at your desk, then plan your next vacation in your mind and use the visual to relax your nerves and reduce your stress level.

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