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Accounting Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

Obtaining a position in the accounting department is already a dream come true, especially for those who truly desire to pursue same career. That is why a lot of people are making sure to obtain the needed degree and requirements to become one of the staff in the accounting department. Lucky are those who are able to land the Accounting Manager position.

For people who are planning to get the same position, start with familiarizing yourself with the Accounting Manager Job Description. Through this information, you will not only determine whether you are capable of performing the associated duties and responsibilities, but also you will be able to prepare yourself in tackling these duties.

What an Accounting Manager Does

An Accounting Manager is the one whose job entails working under and with the Finance Director. Apart from that, their basic duties involve managing financial activities along with accounting functions, which are all recorded on the computer. A manager in the accounting department is the one supervising staff in the accounting department. They supervise the accounting staff to ensure that daily tasks are carried out efficiently. It is the duty of all Accounting Manager to maintain the general ledger.

Overview of Accounting Manager Job Description

The basic job description of an Accounting Manager includes carrying out the annual audit along with recording of financial statements of the organization. They are the ones who are programming, arranging and handling human resources plan and records.

A manager supervises, approaches, and synchronizes activities connected in several funds and human resource services and products including payroll, auditing, records payable, relationship management, monetary supervision, and treasury supervision. It is also their responsibility to handle restricted deadlines and other human resources related tasks like monetary planning, normal journal planning, and year-end audit planning.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Accounting Manager

An Accounting Manager has several complex duties and responsibilities being done every day. These tasks include arranging of liquid money, including de-localization and localization of funds from various ventures and trusts. It is also their duty to organize classified and in-depth records of files so that all financial transactions can be documented properly and efficiently. They perform verification of financial reports, which is done by running a performance analysis software program.

An Accounting Manager is not all about doing complex tasks, but majority of their duties are. Even with that, they are also performing simple tasks like filing and tallying records of cash deposits made. It is their major responsibility to produce a financial report that involves the trust accounts of the Authority, which is to be presented during the monthly board meetings.

It is their main duty to coordinate all month-end and year- end activities. Whenever a complicated issue in the department arises, the Accounting Manager is the one making ways to resolve it. In order for a financial transaction to run smoothly, they also assist the personnel who have plenty of pending responsibilities. It is their job to monitor all entries being entered in the general ledger.

Aside from managing fellow accountants, the manager also supervises them including the human resource assistants and other employees. Part of their duty is to produce periodic statements of all transactions made including unplanned financial reports. They also formulate and execute suggestions, as a means of optimizing accounting operations, and make it more productive.

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