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Accounts Payable Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

The accounting department is a complex area of an organization. It is the reason why the department needs a more efficient manager that will lead the team. The department of accounting is also divided into several job specializations. One part of the department is the accounts payable team, in which they are being lead by the Accounts Payable Manager.

For people who are planning to make a change with their career and take a step further to have a higher position like an Accounts Payable Manager, take the time to familiarize yourself first with the Accounts Payable Manager Job Description.

The Role of an Accounts Payable Manager

The overall job description of an Accounts Payable Manager is to manage the department of accounts payable. It is their responsibility to manage the function related to purchase ledge efficiently. Along with that, it is their duty to ensure that the invoices of the company are paid in time.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Accounts Payable Manager

The duties of an Accounts Payable Manager include ensuring that the department being handled is well-managed and all processes and functions are being run smoothly. They are the ones who are managing the process involved in the purchase order, along with reviewing all purchase requests for the purpose of proper documentation. This duty involves the responsibility of determining the appropriate source of funds, where the budget is to be obtained and a confirmation that there are funds that can be allocated for every purchase. It is also their responsibility to receive all copies of the purchase order as a confirmation that the merchandise has been received. Accounts Payable Manager is the one managing all invoice processes, receiving every invoice from vendors, and matching these to the purchase order made. Then, they are to confirm that all items are received and properly invoiced.

They prepare voucher packages containing the copy of all purchase orders, along with the matching invoices so that it can be processed by the General Expense Clerk. All travel forms and check requests are managed by the Accounts Payable Manager to ensure that the backup information is presented and the appropriate mileage rates are used. They will also manage the statement reconciliation for monthly procurement and submit the backups of the information. The process involved about daily cash deposit is being managed by them. They also manage the voucher package filing systems. They code all bills including telephone, water, power, and all that came from maintenance. It is their responsibility to manage the process in preparing the quarterly invoice.

Accounts Payable Managers assist the bookkeepers about any questions related to purchasing. They are to serve as the primary contact, in relation to all reduction audits on payable expense. It is part of the job of an Accounts Payable Manager to prioritize workload independently and setting deadlines.

These are the duties and responsibilities included on the Accounts Payable Manager Job Description. In addition, these are guidelines meant to familiarize a person pursuing the career and enable them to be knowledgeable of what the position entails.

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