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Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

Accounts payable supervisors are responsible for overseeing the whole accounts payable department. They are also responsible for processing payments and invoices, managing various budget reports for businesses or organizations, and handling expense accounts.

The most vital job function of an accounts payable supervisor is attitude, which includes cooperating and interacting positively with co-employees, working as one of the team members, responding to customers in a polite manner, responding positively to supervision, and willing to work under time pressure. Accounts payable supervisors may also perform some related tasks and duties as required. They should also have mental, emotional, and physical abilities to perform the important job duties of an accounts payable supervisor.

These essential functions include producing vendor payments, performing voucher reviews, keeping accounts payable reports, supervising the accounts payable unit properly, training the new and old accounting clerks for various functions, etc. There are other functions of an accounts payable supervisor; however, they may depend on the company or organization.


People who are interested to work as an accounts payable supervisor must have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance. Prospective candidates should also have working experience in a particular accounts payable department. Depending on the organization or company that is seeking for an accounts payable supervisor, they prefer those who have already experienced working as an accounts payable manager or supervisor. Some companies also prefer candidates who undergo some training or seminars that are related to their work or position.


To become one of the accounts payable supervisors, you must have some skills in order for you to do your work and perform as an accounts payable supervisor reasonably and correctly. These skills include having a depth understanding about the different accounts payable functions and strong communication and verbal skills. Other skills that are required for the position are able to write and read English, supervisory, analytical, accounting, organizational, interpersonal, basic mathematical, decision-making, and so on.


Accounts payable supervisors have several duties. These include having an efficient and effective system for distributing and processing payments. The position is also responsible for handling company invoices accurately. Sometimes, the responsibilities of accounts payable supervisors may vary. It may depend on the company or organization.

Other Responsibilities

Some responsibilities of accounts payable supervisors comprise of clearing account paying payments, handling concerns or issues with the vendors that are pertaining to the payment disbursement, and working with several departments in accordance to the financial transactions in the entire company.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Duties

Aside from handling the daily tasks and duties within the accounts payable department, accounts payable supervisors are responsible for training and supervising staff and clerks within the department through selecting new employees. They also train staff on new procedures and evaluate workers by determining if their overall performance is satisfactory for their company and department.

Anyone can become an accounts payable supervisor. As long as you are qualified from the above criteria, you can accomplish all of the duties and responsibilities and will surely have a good career in this position.

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