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Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

The accounts payable/receivable team is one of the most valuable teams, which perform functions to keep company’s growth and survival, in the industry. For those who are seeking jobs as an accounts payable/receivable supervisor, here is the job description that may serve as your guide.

Responsibilities of an Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor

An accounts payable/receivable supervisor is the one who supervises all activities that relate to the accounts payable/receivable functions. Employees with this position must ensure that payments of all vendor invoices and all expensive vouchers are paid in time. Maintaining accurate records and reports of these payments are also their major responsibilities. They are also responsible in collecting several things like maintaining all cash receipts, follow-up inquiries, negotiating of those due accounts from before, and in referring accounts to other collection agencies.


•Assisting their auditors in providing whatever they need and assisting them in performing varied tasks, including documenting the internal processes for all accounts payable and receivables.

•Compiles all financial information, specifically those related to work assignments including capital projects, after-school care and cafeteria fund. These are done to provide the necessary documentation and processed information.

•Deposits the funds collected from the Country Trustee to receive and document the money, in fulfillment of the state and District rules, statutes, and guidelines.

•Inform other staff or outside parties, if there are, about the procedural requirements in processing the transactions.

•Maintain all financial information, records and files to ensure that documentations are prepared and compliance with all related customary regulatory guidelines and policies are followed.

•Monitor the account balances and other related financial activities to ensure that the allocations made are precise and is done according to the customary financial practices.

•Attend and participate in meetings, workshops, in-service training and other related activities being organized by the organization. The purpose of this is to convey effective and necessary information that can help in enhancing their performance, when acting on their responsibilities and functions.

•Performs invoice pre-audits to ensure preciseness of payments prior to the due date as an act of compliance with the established District rules and guidelines.

•Processes all financial information to ensure regular updates and distribution of information, and authorizing actions can be made as compliance to the customary accounting practices.

•Processes payments made from issuance of check and funds.

•Receives receipts, classifies money, records all financial transactions made in relation to the proper District records.

•Reconcile all financial data to maintain accuracy on account balances and ensure compliance with the customary accounting practices.

It is included on the Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor job description to be able to work with minimal supervision while following the standardized practices and methods, and operating within the allocated budget.

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