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Adjustment Clerk Job Description

Job Descriptions November 8, 2013

If you are interested in starting your career as an Adjustment Clerk, it is suggested to take a look at the Adjustment Clerk Job Description. By taking a look at the job description, you will have a better understanding and be able to visualize what your day will be like, within the industry you are working in the future. While taking a look this information, it will also be better if you start familiarizing yourself of what you are supposed to do so that when you are hired, you will be prepared to take your duties and responsibilities.

What an Adjustment Clerk Does

The basic job description of an Adjustment Clerk involves investigating and resolving all customers concerns, when it comes to merchandise, service, credit rating or billing. They are the ones examining all related information, in order to determine the accuracy of the complaints that each customer has reported and take responsibility when there are errors made. They also notify the customers and the involved personnel about the findings, adjustments, and recommendations to be acted upon once it is finalized.

The adjustment recommendations include money refund, exchanging the merchandise, adjusting the customer’s bills, and giving credits to the account of the customer. All these are processes and adjustments are being made as a way of ensuring customer’s satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

•Review all claim adjustments and examine the parts of items that are claimed as defective. In addition, you must approve or disapprove claims made by the dealer, based on the review they made.

•Notify customers and appropriate personnel on the findings and the necessary recommendations in settling the claimed issue.

•Examine weather condition, review meter accounts relating to errors that can cause high charges, and the days there are within a billing period.

•Write work orders.

•Prepare all necessary reports containing disposition of the reported and handled claims.

•Compare merchandise against the original requisition and the invoice information, and eventually prepare the invoice for goods that were returned.

•Conduct order tests, which is a means of detecting whether the product would malfunction or whether the cause is due to faulty construction.

•Train dealers and the service personnel concerning product construction, customer service or service operations.

•Maintain a well-organized student record. The record is made as a means of documenting the student’s attendance, their participation, and progress. Correspondingly, you must keep the records confidential.

•Ensure that there is a proof attesting that an investigation has been conducted in examining the claim. Depending on the result of the investigation, you will be the one arranging the replacement of the product.

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