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Annuities Supervisor – New Business Job Description

Job Descriptions November 8, 2013

Annuities supervisors oversee a group of annuities representatives who are responsible for handling needs and requirements of potential and new applicants. They ensure compliance with regulations and they keep abreast about any changes in regulations and laws relating to the annuities applications. Additionally, they also handle special or complicated accounts, thus they must be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge regarding this field.

An annuity supervisor is also responsible for creating or enhancing processes when it comes to annuities applications, to facilitate acquisitions of new businesses. Potential annuity supervisor must be equipped with a master’s or bachelor’s degree, with 4 to 6 years experience in this field of in any other relevant areas, it is also critical for one to be equipped with a NASD license.

Well, if you are familiar with a variety of this field’s procedures, practices, and concepts, then you can be qualified to be an annuity supervisor. This profession relies on general experiences as well as effective judgment in order to formulate, plan, and achieve goals. You should also be able to deal with varieties of complex tasks, lead and direct works of others. In addition, a high level of creativity is to be expected of you if you want to be an annuity supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities

•Supervises a team of annuities representatives, responsible for catering to the unique needs of applicants.

•Handles complex or complicated accounts.

•Complies with regulations and laws, monitor changes about the regulations and laws.

•Provides and maintains a precise record of metrics as well as quality assurance report.

Annuities supervisors must be able to demonstrate general experience in Annuity Account Management. In order to demonstrate this experience, one should be able to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the field of account management such as tasks, practices, and tools of annuity services and products. A potential annuity supervisor should possess the skills and ability of providing account management support and services to all the annuity clients.

•Able to train others about the different facets of handling annuity accounts.

•Able to provide effective solutions and advises to address annuity account issues or problems.

•Consults about how advanced systems, tools, and technologies must be used for better and much effective annuity accounts management.

•Monitors and handles a variety of accounting reports and also verifies if the existing account information’s relevant.

•Willing to collaborate with clients about the different annuity accounts activities and supervise customer satisfaction.

•Assess the accuracy and efficiency of payment distribution systems in order to see to it that the payments are well given and delivered.

There are lots of professional individuals who are interested to be annuities supervisors for new businesses. If you are one of them, it is essential that you know the unique factors about this profession. This will help you have a better understanding of what to expect about this field of work. Being an annuity supervisor is not just about your academic achievements, it is also about your skills, abilities, and your experience.

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