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Auditing Project Lead Job Description

Job Descriptions November 16, 2013

The Auditing Project Lead will be able to perform all aspects of audit projects including scoping, planning, fieldwork, and reporting with extreme accuracy.

The Auditing Project Lead will oversee and provide guidance for a group of auditors in a variety of auditing projects. This individual is accountable for training both new auditors and current auditors, to ensure all auditors follow standardized auditing practices and procedures. The Auditing Project Lead is responsible to lead fellow auditors in information systems auditing.

This candidate will develop and implement improvement strategies and techniques, to improve both the effectiveness and productivity of auditing projects in the audit department. The Auditing Project Lead will coordinate and manage the departments operations. They will also be able to monitor the auditor’s compliance with a number of financial audits within the business sector.

This individual will regularly report to the head of the department regarding various auditing projects they are currently managing. The Auditing Project Lead is held responsible for oversight of the execution of budget and administrative related duties, in order to deliver quality auditing projects to the internal audit process. The Auditing Lead will provide reviews of audit reports on a regular basis. Annual reviews, to ensure quality assurance, are based on organizational standards. Data charts and graphs must be designed in support of the reviews analyzed.

The Auditing Project Lead should be very familiar with the present state of lead auditing practices, processes, and controls. They will compare the current state of various auditing projects with the organizations benchmark goals and objectives.

The Auditing Project Lead is responsible for developing future design strategies to help coordinate and plan improvement related projects accordingly. They will actively participate in the implementation and completion of recommended improvements and will properly manage improvement projects. The Auditing Project Lead will lead by example and manage audits accordingly. This individual will review the auditing practices of auditors in their organization, and will aim to enhance their efficiency. Honest feedback will be provided to auditors after careful review of their auditing practices and processes.

The candidate for the Auditing Project Lead will effectively communicate with fellow auditors about auditing projects. This individual will address issues that arise within the internal audit unit, as they determine effective ways to meet these challenges. The Auditing Project Lead will aid in training auditors regarding auditing practices and processes. Fellow auditors will embrace these opportunities to improve their auditing process.

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