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Banking Operations Department Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 16, 2013

The manager of any establishment carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. The management position requires the overseeing of all work activity, as well as managing the behavior of employees. Capable managers must be attentive of details and possess excellent people skills. A great deal is on the line for a banking operations department manager especially, as he is responsible for planning and guiding banking operations of an institution.

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Banking Operations Department Manager

Primarily, the banking operations department manager manages financial and administrative duties, as he oversees and supervises all services and operations of the bank. Moreover, he is responsible for the safekeeping of money and facilitation of the bank’s activities, by ensuring that all functions proceed smoothly. He does so by working together with other department managers and boards. As the manager supervises activities, he may develop and implement policies and procedures to enhance bank operations.

This class of manager performs work that impacts the employees of the institution, as well as all of the clients, as he oversees the money and activities of the establishment. Responsibilities include such tasks as arranging and maintaining services and programs, which requires the knowledge of advanced computer skills, software, and peripherals.

Keeping in mind the detailed and highly involved responsibilities of the banking operations department manager, the position is extremely specialized – requiring very technical skills. Considering the nature of the work, a manager needs to be highly motivated and capable of working independently, while maintaining respectful relations with other managers, executives, officials, and individuals on committees and boards. The development of these duties is supervised by the senior manager.

Education, Skills, and Experience

Knowledge required for the position includes banking, principles of budget development, current law and literature, statistical analysis techniques, and research and report writing. The manager will often be called upon to perform complex banking sequences, interpret laws that affect financial activities, and prepare and present statistical and financial reports and other documents.

To qualify for the position, one must have approximately 8 years of municipal banking experience in a commercial or government setting. Educational requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or public/business administration from an accredited college.


Right now in the United States, the median expected income for the position of banking operations department manager is approximately $53,303. This number was estimated using data from the reports of thousands of HR departments, industries, and employers throughout the country. However, salary varies from establishment to establishment based on a variety of factors particular to that institution.

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