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Branch Management Trainee Job Description

Job Descriptions November 11, 2013

Before allowing someone to take over a bank’s branch, that individual must go through a training period. During this training period, the trainee is considered an employee, but is not yet equipped to become the full manager. During this time, the trainee will be familiarized with the practices of the branch, from the day-to-day activities to emergency situations. Each branch of a bank is run slightly different, and before taking over as a manager, it is necessary to adjust to the pace of the office in order to make the transition from one manager to the next as smooth as possible.

As trainees will eventually take over the role of branch manager, in training, they are expected to fulfill all the roles of a branch manager. This includes reviewing the branch’s financial statements and looking for areas to improve, overseeing loan applications, approving applications for checking and savings accounts, managing the daily functions of the branch, and supervising employees. During this time, it is the trainee’s job not only to learn how things are currently done, but also to look for ways to improve the efficiency of the branch across all aspects.

Familiarity with finance is essential for a branch management trainee job. Though the primary functions of the manager are administrative, managers are ultimately responsible for the profitability of each branch. Statistics reported to reveal that most branch management trainees have either no experience or little experience, and most hold a bachelor’s degree.

Though few banks require more than a high school diploma for some branch management positions, higher level managers will need bachelor’s degrees and extensive experience before entering the field. As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website reports, degrees in financial sectors, as well as management are favorable. More than education, branch manager trainees must be able to prove that they are qualified for the position, and be able to learn how the branch currently operates along with implementing new strategies to make the branch more profitable.

Trainees are supervised by the current branch manager, or, if the institution is opening a new branch, by a manager from a different branch. Trainee is an interim position, designed to ensure that the employee is a good fit for the branch and has adequate time and supervision to learn the business before he or she becomes a full manager.

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