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Budget Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 10, 2013

What is a budget supervisor and what do they do? What is the job description for the budgeting supervisor?

According to, the average salary for a budgeting supervisor is $67,852 per year.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Budgeting Supervisor Job description involves managing the review of expenses and preparation of operating budgets for the different departments of an organization, in order to verify that the budget conforms to the budget’s limits. The budgeting supervisor also facilitates the analysis of overages/underage, spending and revenue and prepares the various statistical reports. The budget supervisor is a working supervisor that has little or no authority for personnel matters. They are not allowed to hire or fire employees.

A bachelor’s degree in an area of specialty for the budget supervisor and will be listed on the job description for the budgeting supervisor. The budgeting supervisor is required to be familiar with a wide variety of the field’s practice, procedures, and concepts. The budgeting supervisor performs a wide variety of tasks (jobs). They should be creative. They will be held responsible to the manager of the head of a department.

Similar Career Positions

There are other jobs that have the same or similar responsibilities as Budgeting Supervisor. Some of these other levels include:

•Budget Supervisors
•Laboratory Supervisors
•Claims Supervisor
•Mailroom Supervisor
•Payroll Supervisors
•Account Receivable Supervisors
•Inbound Call Center Supervisors
•Top Budgeting Executive
•Tool, Die, and Gauge Making Supervisor
•Traffic Supervisors

Industries of Work in Relation to a Budgeting Supervisor

A Budgeting Supervisor is found in many industries. Some of the industries in which a Budgeting Supervisor is found are as listed: Aerospace, Defense, Biotechnology, Business Services, Chemicals, Construction, Education, Government, Nonprofit Organizations, Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure, Insurance, Internet, Media, Manufacturing Durable, Manufacturing Non-durable, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Wholesale, Software & Networking, Telecom, and Transportation.

Their job is a very important one in that they keep the spending and revenue under control. They have to be a person that can be depended on. They have to be reliable because they have the company’s finances in their hands. The job description for Budgeting Supervisor is just as the name states – Budgeting Supervisor.

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