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Business Development Associate Job Description

Job Descriptions November 10, 2013

The Business Development Associate Job Description is one that involves anything related to relationships with partners or potential customers. They identify and help with the development of a strong pipeline of new customers and projects in the accounting department through direct or indirect customer relationships. Prospecting is popular in this profession and the growth of the company and relationships are the main priority. This position does require a bachelor’s degree and experience that varies within 0-3 years in the same industry.


There are a few concepts and practices one should be familiar with for a job in this industry. Standard financial and marketing models would be an excellent start. Once you have those down, this job provides a median salary of about $56,000. More about this salary can be found on

Duties and Responsibilities

Once reading the business development associate Job description, one will see that it’s about people relations and a strong customer base than actual financial data. Sure, you deal with numbers, marketing, and key strategies for business growth and individual models; however, you deal with keeping customers coming through the door and keeping business relations intact with various companies and organizations.

Job Growth as a Business Development Associate reports that there is a 41.2% 10-year job growth in this market. This is because companies need to boost sales. It is up to these business development associates to forge these relationships while also building on existing ones. It is all about being personable and showing strong people skills.

This job was even ranked as #22 on a list of the 100 best jobs in America. That is a sure fire way to know that there is, in fact, demand for this field, and there is a massive market for more business savvy associates that convey great communication skills, proficient at getting people through the door and keeping them there with what their company can offer.

These associates do, however, play some financial roles that include bookkeeping, controllers, accounts payable, accounts receivable and any other role that may have its hand in money. Although they do not deal with it as much as other financial job professions, this occupation does still require knowledge of the subject matter.

As long as there is growth for this industry, there will always be a need for the business development associate and hopefully this Business Development Associate Job Description has done a good job of portraying that information.

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