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Career Profile of a Hotel Operations Manager

Job Descriptions December 13, 2012

An experienced hotel operations manager plays a crucial role in the success of a hotel by overseeing the daily routines. In the course of fulfilling their job responsibilities, the manager has to interact with customers and supervise the staff members. A potential hotel operations manager requires to hold a bachelor degree; however, an associate degree or a certificate will suffice to help them embark on their chosen career, provided they have job training or work experience to add to the above qualifications.

Ideally, a potential hotel operations manager should have completed an undergraduate degree program in hospitality, business or hotel management. In certain instances, prospective candidates who hold a liberal arts degree are accepted into the profession provided they have work experience in the hospitality area to add to their academic qualifications.

Similarly, smaller hotel chains are willing to nominate holders of associate degrees or certificates, provided they have prior work experience in the hospitality field to an operations manager position. The graduation program completed should receive accreditation from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association or other similar reputed organization. Community colleges, vocational schools and universities across the country offer these programs.

Job Profile of a Hotel Operations Manager

All of the operations in the hotel are overseen by a hotel operations manager that include finances, sales, food service, public relations, security, housekeeping, and human resource. The hotel operations manager has to work to ensure that the hotel runs smoothly, which requires them to interact effectively with staff and management, as well as with customers.

A hotel operations manager can seek help in managing the hotel by delegating responsibilities to department heads or assistants. They have to train staff members, hire new employees and create a work schedule in the process of fulfilling their job responsibilities. Hotel policies are set by company executives; hotel operations managers are allowed to contribute in a small way towards setting of policies. To this end, hotel operations managers are allowed to give away honor or discounts advertising promotions.

Job Pre-requisites of a Hotel Operations Manager

Preferences are given to prospective managers who bring previous work experience at a lodging establishment such as a hotel. Prospective candidates can obtain such experience by completing an internship programs or working in entry-level assignments; for instance, they could work as front desk clerks or assistants. Work experience in entry-level positions enables a prospective hotel operations manager to get an in-depth understanding of how a hotel works; they develop their understanding of the operations in the hotel. The candidates can pursue in-house promotions, if they have completed a degree program during their job tenure.

Managerial trainee programs are offered to staff members by the hotels. Candidates are required to demonstrate exceptional motivation and leadership skills when they manage employees. In the process of taking care of customers’ needs and ensuring their comfortable stay at the hotel, hotel operations managers are expected to demonstrate strong communication skills.

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