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Career Prospects of a Banquet Server

Job Descriptions November 27, 2012

Banquet servers perform serving duties at various events, including dinners. They need to have the capacity to serve guests standing and should be capable of walking for long durations even as they accommodate guests with efficiency and politeness. Candidates do not need to satisfy any specific requirements in order to be a banquet server, but some employers give preference to individuals who hold a high school diploma or other qualification of equal merit.

Job Profile of a Banquet Server

Banquet servers are hired by hotels and catering services; they are essentially freelance non-standard waitresses and waiters. There is one significant difference between a banquet server and a standard waiter/waitress at a restaurant. A restaurant waiter/waitress is assigned to an area, and s/he is responsible for accommodating any customers at the restaurant who seats themselves at that table. Accordingly, the waiter waits at that area and does not go away from it except to place the order and bring the food. By contrast, a banquet server who is assigned the task of serving all the guests at a function moves around the room. A banquet server is required to anticipate guests’ needs and respond with efficiency along with politeness when they make any requests.

A Banquet Server’s Duties

A banquet server is involved with the setup of events, carrying trays, serving guests and cleaning up after the conclusion of the event. The setup process requires the banquet server to put out tablecloths, arrange table placement and put up a buffet. A banquet server is required to perform various tasks at the event depending on the situation. However, they must have the general ability to keep focus on the duties. They must be able to stay on their feet during the course of the event and must be able to move about as required. That includes the ability to bend, climb stairs and carry things that weigh between twenty-five to fifty pounds. Apart from having excellent communication skills, they must be able to follow directions and execute them effectively while satisfying the physical requirements of the assignment. Above all, they must have a positive attitude.

Maintaining strict and constant adherence to safety and health standards, banquet servers must keep focus until the event comes to its conclusion. They must break down the table setup, bring linens and tablecloths to the laundry.

A Banquet Server’s Prerequisites

A banquet server who has previous experience as a waiter or in any form of customer service, they have a better chance of getting hired. There are no requirements for formal training or degree; however, some employers insist on potential banquet servers to have a GED certification or high school diploma. A banquet server’s chances of getting employed brighten, if s/he undergoes training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In some states, no one below twenty-one years old can be employed as a banquet server as the state laws prohibit any person below twenty-one from serving alcoholic beverages.

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