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Cash Flow Analyst Job Description

Job Descriptions November 12, 2013

A cash flow analyst is responsible for monitoring the flow of cash into and out of an organization. The main part of the Cash Flow Analyst Job Description is that they are responsible for the finances of an organization which includes cash flow in and out of said organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

A cash flow analyst has the capabilities to shift funds when needed so that the company has the funds in place when they need them. A corresponding part of the Cash Flow Analyst Job Description is that they can also approve transfers and deposits, when funding is needed for different projects that the organization is working on.

An important part of a cash flow analysts’ job description is the creation of the cash flow statement. This is a statement that shows how much cash came in and went out for an organization over a quarter of the year. The cash flow statement is vital in showing how much cash an organization has generated and it can lend insight into the fundamentals of the organization.


It is common for cash flow analysts to have 2-4 years of experience in finance and they may also have an associate’s degree, which is recommended. Part of a Cash Flow Analyst Job Description is that an individual should be familiar with standard concepts of cash flow and finance, as well as practices and procedures that deal with cash flow including the ability to create cash statements. A cash flow analyst uses their own judgment in order to plan and accomplish goals. In addition, they perform a variety of tasks and work under a manager or the head of the department.

Career Overview

This is a vital part of a company, as it can show that even though the company has made money they could still not have a good cash flow, which could be their downfall as they may not be able to pay for their operations. A cash flow analyst takes an organization’s finances and uses them to show where the money is come in and where it is going out.

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