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Check Collections Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions December 8, 2013

Ever wonder how a company goes about processing and resolving bounced checks? Large companies have an entire job title for that dilemma. A check collections manager oversees the operation of major company transactions. This includes check proof, transit and others. As a check collections manager, you are in charge of a staff and oversee collection policy.

You are in charge of recovering fraudulent checks and developing new policies to implement, should it be required. This is an important position since fraudulent checks cost companies money. On average, workers in this field make $75,000 according to the consensus from HR Departments, as compiled by the Certified Compensation Professionals. This is a growing profession and fraudulent buyers are developing for sophisticated techniques.

What Do Check Collections Managers Do?

In addition to the traditional title, workers in this field might also be called check processing manager, credit and collections managers, and IS security manager. Relying on your experience and trained judgment, you accomplish the company’s goals. You perform a number of tasks in a given day, and oversee the performance of those who work under you, serving as manager and director. This does require work experience as well as leadership ability, in addition to a solid education.

In terms of skills, creativity is vital. Leaders must develop ideas and help other workers to understand the objectives. Latitude, or freedom of thought and action, is listed as another indispensable quality. Since you only report to the head of a department, you will be entrusted with weighty responsibility.

Starting a job with some knowledge of industry standards and common procedures within corporations is only going to help your career. You will be supervising check processing and ensuring the proper postings of new transactions. Since you work with bounced checks, you are in charge of documenting all transactions, and then notifying authorities in the case of fraudulent intent.

Is This the Career for You?

Companies expect you to be familiar with standards and procedures, which is why a college education is ideal for entry-level workers. Most employers will consider an application if you have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as finance or accounting.

Besides this, work experience is valued, and at the managerial level, which is approximately seven years. Sometimes companies commission managers to work from home, while others work in an office. The good news is that the job pays well and offers benefits and bonuses.

The career choice is challenging, since you work with people as well as investigative accounting. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment, along with a measure of independence, you may find this job to suit you and your natural abilities. Beginning your career with a degree from UMCP, Ohio State University, Penn State University, UCLA, or another school in your area is the starting point. Stop leaving things up to chance and start taking educated risks that are likely to pay off. A course on finance or accounting can start you in the right direction.

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