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Client Services Representative – Banking Job Description

Job Descriptions December 28, 2013

Client services representative is a general term that simply means one who provides professional customer services to a financial institution, such as a bank. This is a promising career for students with banking education or banking ambitions. Salary wise, the pay is entry-level. The average according to the Certified Compensation Professionals HR report was $39,000 per year. However, the prerequisite experience and education was minimal. Some employers hired workers with only a high school education and one or two years of experience in banking or finance.

What a Client Services Representative in Banking Does

The job duties of a bank representative are related to client issues, which is another area of customer service. This might envelope serving customers by providing product or service information, fixing customer problems or reporting disputes, recording new account information, searching account information and maintaining all records in an efficient manner.

If you land this job title, you may have to process customer adjustments on a certain account, or recommend services to better serve your clients’ needs. The most challenging aspect is collecting and analyzing customer information quickly and having the capacity to speak clearly, quickly and with a positive attitude. In addition to resolving customer issues, bank representatives also attempt to attract potential customers by answering service questions and try to up sell bank products to callers or bank visitors.

What Skills Are Employers Looking For?

Employers are looking for workers that can resolve problems, and that take customer issues seriously. This requires experience or at least a general business education in customer service. The ability to hear a complaint and take steps to solve the problem is part of the skill set, but so is prioritizing company interests first, and being able to calculate and use computer software. Additional skills include product knowledge such as banking standards and contracts, market knowledge, phone skills, multi-tasking, and resolving conflict in the event of an escalated call.

Sometimes effective customer service is the ability to think outside the box as well as use your people skills. Having empathy for the customer’s issue might help you to come up with creative fixes, or even deciphering what a customer needs and developing a safe compromise. You also know how to handle money and be a detail-oriented thinker.

Education Prerequisites

Education requirements are minimal, especially when compared to other banking positions. This entry-level position can be yours with a high school diploma, though many students are now earning the bachelor’s degree to stay competitive amid recession. In addition, some banks are now requiring at least two years of college experience in order to filter out lesser qualified candidates for the job.

If you enjoy helping people and would like a stable job where you put your interests and abilities to good use, then consider starting as a client services representative. Banking is a prosperous career, and you can quickly move up as you gain more experience with the company and learn the standards of finance. A solid education in finance or business administration can also help you progress quickly. What are you waiting for?

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