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Community Development Representative Job Description

Job Descriptions November 28, 2013

Community development representatives work as agents of the bank to promote the bank’s community interests. This may include pitching ideas to other local businesses, meeting with local leaders to explain the efficacy of a new project or report on the progress of an ongoing project. A representative works under the direction of the community development manager and reports to him on a regular basis, as well as takes his cues from the overall goals set up by the manager.

In order to comply with all of the banks individual regulations, as well as the community’s expectation of ethical practices, community development representatives may be asked to examine financial reports to ensure that all of the bank’s money is being used in the proper manner. The representative may also be asked to sit on different committees within the bank, either to report on the project’s progress, or gain input from other areas of the bank staff. In this way, a representative ensures that the needs of the bank as a whole are being accounted for when it comes to the bank’s community goals.

Representatives will also undoubtedly be asked to participate in planning meetings, either to improve current projects, or brainstorm ideas for further projects. Some managers may ask representatives to communicate with community leaders in order to assess their needs and what ideas they have for community development projects.

This would be in conjunction with building relationships with community leaders and other local businesses, which increases the bank visibility and creates more opportunities for growth and development.

Community development representatives are expected to have a bachelor’s degree, either with a business specialty or a community development-related specialty, like social science or human geography. They are also expected to have at least some experience in the field before they become full-fledged community development representatives. This can be obtained either through working with a community development project in another capacity, or by volunteering for a project directly.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies community development representatives as “Urban and Regional Planners.” Though individuals who work with financial institutions do not plan new communities, they do plan for communities, focusing on recognized issues and implementing plans to better those situations.

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