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Credit Analysis Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions December 2, 2013

A Credit Analysis Manager, or a Credit Risk Analysis Manager as they are commonly known, are responsible for the Credit Analyst under him that are determining the risks involved with different types of lending proposals from the very common everyday proposals to the rare and highly complex ones. This is done in a variety of ways, such as determining the market share, possible income growth, and the management decision to determine if lending the money will make for a profitable return in the long run. This manager would have been a basic Credit Analyst until moving into the management sector.

Even though the job description of the Credit Analysis Manager seems very straightforward and to the point, it is actually anything but that. One of the major aspects of the job description of a Credit Analysis Manger is to compare credit histories and profitability of both individuals and companies to determine the risk of the lending options. In addition to this primary role, a Credit Analysis Manager is also responsible for compiling financial records consisting of earnings, savings, and payments, on companies or individuals that they have leant to or will in the future. As interesting as the job of a Credit Analysis Manager may be, they also have to make the dreaded collection calls from time to time as well as making visits to the customers who are not up to date on their payments.

The education required to become employed for a Credit Analysis Manager can be a strenuous one. You will be required to obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and the degree should be in finance, business administration, accounting, or even economics. In addition to the education portion of the requirements, it’s also important to have investigative skills, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills. Since you will be dealing with employees and customers alike, it is also extremely important to have efficient communication skills.

The jobs of Credit Analysis Managers are also a hot topic in the business world so you will need to apply yourself in order to ensure you not only get a job but also are retained. You can do this by taking advantage of on the job training and classes or even by enrolling in a certificate or master’s degree program in one of the areas mentioned in the bachelor degrees. This, with your fulfilling the daily needs of your job description as a Credit Analysis Manager, should help you advance through the system into the management and also assure you have job security.

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