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Credit Card Operations Clerk Job Description

Job Descriptions December 3, 2013

The Credit Card Operations Clerk is the individual that interviews credit card applicants to make sure all personal and credit information are correct for the credit report. Even though this will only suffice as a brief summary of what a Credit Card Operations Clerk does, it’s a vital aspect of the job description. In addition to collecting information, a Credit Card Operations Clerk is also required to get an answer to the credit card applicants in a timely manner as to whether they were approved or denied. Additionally, any issues that may result from the decision, or lack of also falls on the shoulders of the Credit Card Operations Clerk to find a remedy or solution to the problem as possible. This problem solving doesn’t necessarily have to be just that of applicants. They can also arise with current customers, and retaining these customers is extremely important. Therefore, the Credit Card Operations Clerk’s job description must also include problem solving, for new, old, and future customers. Handled incorrectly, a very small issue can cost any company valuable customers.

Even though there is no specific degree required to become a Credit Card Operations Clerk, many companies will require these positions to hold a bachelor’s degree and even though they may not specify in what discipline it should be in, a good rule of thumb would be to get one in Finance, Business Administration, or Administrative Support. Most companies will only require their Credit Card Operations Clerk to have an Associate’s Degree as well as some on the job experience in a field related to this. Companies appreciate their employees being up to date on the latest policies, regulations, and laws in their particular field and Credit Card Operations Clerks are no different. With part of their job description being conflict resolution, it is extremely important a Credit Card Operations Clerk takes continuing education courses offered privately and through the company to make certain they are continuously abreast on the latest rules and regulations in the industry. This will allow them to assist their current and future customers to the best of their ability.

In addition to interviewing credit card applicants and collecting vital credit information, a Credit Card Operations Clerk’s job description can cover a wide variety of areas and topics. However, with the right attitude, a Credit Card Operations Clerk can be a very integral part of a company’s success with current, new, and future customers.

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