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Essential Job Description and Education Requirements of a Business Tax Lawyer

Job Descriptions October 7, 2015

Having a good grasp of formal education is fundamentally important for any lawyer today. For business tax lawyers, you are required more than just formal education. The following information can help you as an aspiring business tax lawyer; know what knowledge you ought to understand deeply if you are to make it in this field.

Information on Business Tax Lawyer

A business tax lawyer is any lawyer specializing in tax laws and working for or with businesses, corporations or with individual business persons. The basic requirements for an average business tax lawyer is a bachelor’s degree, a degree in law studies as well as pass the state bar exams.

•Required Education: Bachelor’s and Juries’ Doctors degree
•Other Requirements: State Licensure
•Projected job Growth: 10% for all lawyers
•Median Annual Salary (2013): $114,300 for all lawyers

Job Description for a Business Tax Lawyer

A business tax lawyer, or a tax attorney, as they are commonly called, is a lawyer who helps businesses and corporations deal with their tax related issues and make sure that they stay out of trouble, which may arise from failure to pay the required taxes to the government. Their main role is to prepare documents owned by the company that can help in determining their tax payment details. Such a lawyer may also be tasked with helping the business deal with and calculate its income tax, gift taxes, federal, state, local and foreign taxes, although this depends on the size and the market target of the business itself.

Other Duties of Business Tax Lawyers

Besides determining a business’ tax responsibilities, a tax attorney can counsel and guide in any other matter relating to the company and in the payment of taxes. In other words, a business tax lawyer works as the legal advisor in everything that has to do with payment of taxes.

As such, a business tax lawyer must understand up to date details of taxes, whether they are minor or major tax laws or any other requirements. The business tax lawyer must always keep in touch with the changing IRS and other business regulations in the country today.

Business Tax Lawyer Education Qualifications

The first requirement for any business tax lawyer is to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited University. He or she must have also undergone training for three years in a law school to earn a Juries’ Doctor (J.D.). Once you graduate from the law school, you must also take a written bar examination before you are given a license to operate as a lawyer.

In most universities, tax law is offered as an area of specialization, which makes it possible for most aspiring tax attorneys to achieve their dreams. Tax attorneys are also able to acquire the relevant skills that they use whenever they are giving pieces of advice to either corporations or to individual business persons. It is however the choice of a lawyer to either become an individual or business tax lawyer.

Salary and Employment Details for Business Tax Lawyers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the jobs for lawyers will increase at a rate of 10% in the next seven years, which is relatively the same rate as in most careers. As of 2013, the average salary earned by lawyers was $133,470, according to the BLS.

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