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Floor Operations Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 21, 2013

Are you one of those people who are willing to become one of the floor operations managers in the near future? In actuality, it gives you a lot of opportunity because the salary of a typical floor operations manager is expected to be at $109,480, in America.

This market pricing is reported and prepared by the “Certified Compensation Professionals”. The survey data is collected and analyzed from among the thousands of human resource departments and employers of many industries, geographies and sizes.

Duties and Responsibilities

On the other hand, it is first important to understand more about the floor operations manager job description. It lets you understand that the job is concerned on overseeing the execution of certain securities’ orders. The responsibility is based on resolving the problems and on researching.

One must be keen and determined in resolving anything that pertains to the job. The tasks must be done effectively throughout the trading process. You have the task of monitoring the business volume and ensuring the timely and orderly processing of different orders.

Education and Experience

Apart from it, the responsibility is more on the profitability of many floor brokers. To become a manager, a person must complete a degree or must be a degree holder in the related area or specialty. This is the first significant requirement to become a certified floor broker. One must also need to earn five years of related experience in such an area or field. The experience can help to further take actions related on the job, in an efficient and orderly manner.

Other than that, being familiar with a wide variety of practices, procedures and concepts, in the field, is essential. They are proven significant to easily handle the task or job given. There is also a need to fully rely on the judgment and extensive experience, to further accomplish and achieve plan goals. Apart from it, it is crucial for one to perform a different set of tasks.

Oftentimes, a floor broker is required to direct and lead the work of his subordinates. They efficiently handle their subordinates, whereas they are dependent on his guidance. A huge degree of imagination and creativity is normally needed to perform the role of a floor operations manager. Other than that, a floor broker typically gives reports on the top management. Thus, they have the optimum supervision from the subordinate down to the final report.


Truly, being a floor operations manager is such an exciting career and opportunity for people who are interested in experiencing it. He must give the best performance and have the overall direction for the organization.

Now, you may be getting familiar with the job description of a floor operations manager. For sure, the job excites you enough that you will be more willing to complete the requirements, to become a certified manager. Considering the salary, it pays off so you can be more determined and hardworking as a floor operations manager!

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