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Foreclosure Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 20, 2013

Aside from the manager, another important job that plays the role of overseeing the entire workflow of the foreclosure department is the Foreclosure Supervisor. Understanding the Foreclosure Supervisor Job Description will allow you to understand some of the differences that it has from a manager.

Unlike the managerial skills used for letting employees follow certain tasks, supervisors ensure that all established objectives and goals of the firm is met, according to the performance timeline.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Foreclosure Supervisor

There is a difference between the tasks of managers and supervisors, and through an overview, you are assured that you can understand the entire job and decide to apply for the job or not. As the supervisor, you will oversee and assess the important workflow processes in your department, according to the work rules established by your firm, to meet certain goals.

You will be the one who will check whether the standards are met during foreclosure processes. The checking would start with ensuring all forms and analyses are met, and reporting all activities done by the group to a higher ranking individual – the manager. Other responsibilities may include:

•Supervise, motivate and train your own team of upcoming foreclosure coordinators.

•Resolve certain issues escalated by any staff and report it to the manager if the situation turns out unmanageable.

•Play the role of a liaison, among internal departments, clients and vendors in the third party.

•Create and utilize reports that would help in improving your department’s efficiency.

•Present the timelines and statistics to the upper management and utilize multiple servicing systems.

•Review information and documents to calculate all the accurate figures of the foreclosure documents that the firm handles, in both commercial and residential loans.

These responsibilities are always required from foreclosure supervisor, to make sure that everything is handled professionally before problems or conflicts will be consulted to the upper management.


Most of the firms looking for a foreclosure supervisor require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5 years job experience, within the same industry or other related jobs for the position. Applicants are sure to have a chance to get the position if they are familiar enough the various practices, concepts and procedures in the field.

Since the position will require important duties, firms would always be careful with hiring individuals who would opt to get the position. Firms are looking for people who are detail-oriented and are not asking for any supervision as soon as they are hired with the job. As you learn all of the duties that a foreclosure supervisor has, you can now decide whether you should grab the job opportunity or find something else that would suit the skills you have.

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