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Information About Becoming a Pharmacologist and Their Job Description

Job Descriptions December 26, 2012

Aspiring pharmacologists are required to complete Ph.D. or Pharm.D. degree program. Prospective pharmacologists have different career options to choose from; they can aspire to become pharmaceutical scientists, clinical pharmacists, pediatric pharmacists, pharmacists, or medical researchers. In this article, we will look at the career path of a pharmacologist and discuss what an aspiring pharmacologist must do in order to pursue their career path.

Pharmacologist Career Defined

Research on humans and animals are conducted by pharmacologists; such studies are aimed at discovering chemical substances and compounds for use as new medications. The focus of research can vary, while some pharmacologists seek to learn about the beneficial and harmful influences of chemicals in specific areas of the body, such as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, other researchers seek knowledge on how harmful chemicals can affect the body in general.

How to Become a Pharmacologist

Educational Prerequisites for a Pharmacologist

In order to become employed as a pharmacologist, a candidate must possess a doctoral degree, such as a Pharm. D. or a Ph.D.  Aspiring pharmacologists could be required to spend an additional four-year tenure to obtain a Pharm. D. or a Ph. D. after completing a four year undergraduate degree program. However, in a majority of states — unlike in the case of various scientific disciplines — pharmacologists do not need to satisfy licensure or certification norms. Coursework must include topics such as microbiology, pharmacology, biology, chemistry, and toxicology.

Career Skills Needed by a Pharmacologist

A strong foundation in science and math will benefit a career in pharmacology; the job demands adeptness in gathering, analyzing and understanding medical data. Aspiring pharmacologists must have exceptional communication skills — both oral and written — and the ability to operate machinery including medical equipment — employed in research.

Job and Wage Prospects for Pharmacologists

Job growths for pharmacologists are projected at a high twenty-six percent over the years and the foreseeable future; the average annual salary these professionals can expect to earn is not less than $59,000 (source: The salary can vary in accordance with the level of education, experience and employers. Job growth in the industry is expected to be sustained over a prolong period thanks to the increasingly sophisticated medical technology we enjoy and the increasing focus on employing medications in the treatment of physical and mental issues.

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