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Internship Advice for Recent Graduates

Job Descriptions November 9, 2012

An internship is a temporary position that allows interns to get on the job experience. It can be an enjoyable way to determine if interns are in the right career path, so pay attention to internship tips. It allows interns to explore their passion in a way that interns would not be able to otherwise. Not all internships work the same though, so interns need to do their homework. Interns want the outcome to be a thrilling experience for them and not a waste of time or something that leaves them frustrated.

Take plenty of time to look around at options is one of the first internship advice offered. That way they are able to see what is offered by location, timeframe, and more. Interns want to make note of the criteria before applying and the deadline for the internship’s application, so they do not miss it. Another notable internship suggestion is interns need to do the work with a great attitude. Interns may be asked to perform tasks they think they are over qualified, but do not show it. Such internship tip will get them recognized.

Take in everything that is going on during the internship as part of the experience. Some of the best internship advice comes from watching others on the job. If interns get the chance to speak with an employee through one on one interaction, do so. Find out what they love about their job, what they consider challenging, and ask any other pressing questions you may have. The feedback interns gain can assist in determining interns’ career choices down the road.

Do not be afraid to jump in and offer your service. Interns need to be vocal and provide support to show that they are interested in the work. Interns never know when they are given the opportunity to participate, so take initiative. If interns do not speak up, there is no way for management to know that they want to be involved, and interns ruin their chances for future employment with the company. There could be limits with an internship on what they will allow interns to do, so do not take it personally, if they decline your offer to help.

Next, treat the internship as a real job. If interns are not getting paid and it is something temporary, they should not slack off at work because it will destroy their chances of becoming one of the company’s employees in the near future and they will receive a poor review that will make things harder when interns search for their next job or internship. Remember to show up on time, work hard, ask questions, and make sure you look presentable. Observe what is going on during the internship, so interns get a good feel of the work environment and culture.

Stay focus when interns do an internship even if their job assignment is not that thrilling. Do not make personal phone calls, use the internet for personal things, or other common employee’s mistakes. The intern should show their employer they are reliable that will gain both respect and trust from the company.

These internship advice will assist interns in finding a terrific internship and make sure they received plenty of valuable experience. Interns should give it their best and follow up with a sincere thank you letter detailing all of the experience they have benefited from the internship program. Interns can use the experience they have gained via the internship program on their resume and use the people that they have interned for to become one of their reliable reference. Remember, not all advice interns seek are useful; interns should do their research and see what method works and do not.

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