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Job Description of a Cash Management Service Manager

Job Descriptions December 8, 2013

A cash management service manager may suggest a retail position, but this is a highly trusted job title. The typical salary for this worker is over $76,000 per year. According to the Association for Financial Professionals Survey, cash managers can make a healthy salary as well as yearly bonuses. Meanwhile, the job outlook is promising as sources, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, state that the job field is set to grow 9% over the next decade.

What is involved in being a Cash Management Service Manager?

The question is, how difficult is it to work as a cash management service manager? Your primary objective is to oversee cash management programs for your clients, which is involved in the business of business banking. You are going to be the mediator between clients, as well as banking management and account directors. You provide technical assistance and are actively involved in design and implementation of these new programs.

Your clients will be dealing with cash and look forward to your cash management recommendations. You will lead others and direct programs; which mean creativity and logistical understanding are highly valued. You will report to managers and department heads, always regarding the agenda you have.

In essence, cash flow is your priority. You are responsible for monthly cash flow and daily/weekly reports. You work hard to reduce the number of cash assets in a collectable status, which benefits the company. You also have responsibility over disbursement float, which is finding adequate time from the time your company is paid and when payments are disbursed.

As a professional cash manager, familiarity with new data collection techniques and invoicing is preferred. This special knowledge is required so that you can ensure payment and disbursement records are accurate and organized, according to law and company policy. This doesn’t mean you will literally oversee all invoices and purchasing; you may delegate some of this work to cash clerks. You are responsible over your department and employees that work under you.

Becoming a Cash Management Service Manager

In order to make a career from this field, try to begin your education as early as possible. A bachelor’s degree is preferred, as is some mid-level to senior experience in a related field. Appropriate degree fields include a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Managerial Accountancy, or Finance.

Skills valuable to the trade include the ability to work well with others, have a solid knowledge of modern accounting features, and leadership capacity. You are expected to adjust processing procedures or develop new strategies altogether, while also identifying economic trends that influence your industry.

Furthermore, you will adapt this system to the other managers you work with and explain the new procedures with clarity. This is a job that will appeal to energetic and ambitious accountants, who want to make more money and reach a higher level of responsibility. A university education, such as UMD’s finance courses, can be of great benefit to students who are planning to enter the managerial workforce. Your time to shine is now!

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