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Pediatric Nurse Job Description

Job Descriptions October 19, 2013

When trying to find a job description for pediatric nurse positions, there are several things to consider. It would make sense that the job description is the same across the board, but this is generally not the case. Each hospital or medical facility has its own idea of what the job entails and exactly what’s needed. Consulting the description carefully can help a person determine if he or she is right for the job at that particular institution.

Educational Requirements

In order to be a pediatric nurse, a person must first be a Registered Nurse (RN). There are several different ways to obtain that designation. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, a formal licensing test is also required. Once that test is passed, the person taking it is a licensed RN and can enjoy all the associated. Some states have other educational requirements a person must meet when he or she wants to work in pediatrics.

Additionally, there may be job skills and training courses that particular hospitals and other medical facilities look for in their pediatric nurses. If a person is thinking about applying to a particular institution, it is a good idea to ask for the job description in order to ensure that all requirements have been met. If these requirements have not been completed, the person may want to either consider another facility or attend courses to meet the requirements of the first facility.

Skills and Abilities

Pediatric nurses work with infants, children, and adolescents, so they need to be skilled in relating to all three of these age groups. Some nurses are simply better with children and young adults than other nurses. Also, some people have a natural affinity for and interest in working with children. This is important to consider when thinking about a career in nursing. If pediatric nursing interests a person, but he or she is not good at working with young people, another type of nursing might be the better choice.

Still, anyone who is careful with others and who is willing to listen to and try to relate to children can make a good pediatric nurse. Nurses are all taught the same kinds of things when they are getting their education, so the difference between a good pediatric nurse and a bad one has very little to do with educational abilities or knowledge. Instead, the difference is based on whether a person has an affinity for children and is able to work with them in a way that puts these children at ease. This is the most important characteristic of a good pediatric nurse and something that cannot be taught.

Personality Matters

The personality of a pediatric nurse is one that is often different from the personality of those who do not work with children. One is not greater or better than the other, but it is important to note the differences. People who work with children are often more open to new experiences and can still see the world through the eyes of a child. They are also deeply committed to the future of the country and future generations. That is not to say that a pediatric nurse must possess these qualities, but only that they are often seen in those who work with children.

Depending on the hospital or medical facility for which a person works, there may be specific requirements that need to be met. These requirements will not be directly related to personality, because that would be discriminatory. Still, nurses are often interviewed by more than one person before they are hired, and they may be introduced to the other nurses with whom they will be working.

If their personality does not “mesh” with the others, they may be deemed “not a good fit.” When that is the case, these nurses are generally not hired. While there is no real way to avoid that issue, a nurse who wants to work in pediatrics should have a personality suited for that type of work, along with the educational skills and abilities to handle the day in and day out requirements of the job.

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