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What is the Job Market Outlook for Auditing Clerks

Job Market Outlook October 1, 2013

Auditing clerk is one of many positions classified under the field of accounting. In general, the total job market is set to increase at a rate of 14.5 percent over the next decade. As far as accountancy, the profession is set to increase slightly higher at 16 percent. While that percentage seems promising at first glance, it is not as high as the growth rate of other careers.

Accountancy and Clerks Still In Demand?

Despite the obvious and visible effects of recession, accountants are still in high demand because companies want to ward off scandals, the likes of which have harmed reputations and decreased consumer trust. The fact that you will be required to keep stringent accounting practices will also mean a slightly higher salary, usually averaging over $60,000, at least when it comes to high-level accountancy positions.

Auditing clerks’ jobs are set to increase by 14 percent, which is about average. The advent of computer and online technology has helped to optimize the workspace very well, and the results of superior electronic banking and bookkeeping software are evident. However, the human critical mind is still required perform quality assurance and update the checkbooks. Entry level jobs pay less, about $34,000 for clerks.

The job outlook for clerks is still promising, even if optimism is not as high as we would prefer. The rules are tighter and if anything, businesses are using more care in monitoring their budgets and financial planning. All of these responsibilities fall upon the shoulders of clerks who perform data entry on behalf of managers and financial advisers.

One of the most important aspects in accounting right now is the need to learn new computer software, since clerks who have experience working with standard software have an easier time finding work than someone who must be trained.

Clerks who know how to use computers also tend to be hired because they are typically able to do more work, given the software’s ability to enter and organize data quickly. The downsizing and even combining of departments is a trend set to continue for quite some time.

New Trends Developing

Another factor to consider, which might actually be favorable, is that of how many workers actually leave account clerking, whether because of growing out of their entry-level position, or because of leaving the company entirely. This constant turnover of workers has left a need for temporary workers in clerk duties, all of which can easily become permanent.

Salary fluctuates from company to company, not to mention the size of the company, as well as the state and city. Benefits are figured into this money, and most full-time employees will receive benefits. These might include health insurance, vacation, sick days and personal time off. Some clerks are very well provided for and may even have a retirement plan in place.

You can count on accountancy and clerk duties to be a stable career choice; however, you have to think of the practical future. The future is in remote storage, convenient data entry software, and online correspondence and record keeping. Learn the latest and most well known software tools so you can plan a steady professional course.

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