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What is the Job Market Outlook for Revenue Agents?

Job Market Outlook October 14, 2013

Revenue agents are tax collectors as well as analysts, and it is their job to monitor tax returning coming from business professionals. They are accountants, generally speaking, but have a special focus in their day to day work.

In this position, you will be working, with the government, to help businesses stay current and to follow the law. There are job openings on the federal level, state level and county level.

The Need for Higher Education and Higher Achievement

Of course, college education goes a long way in helping students reach out for this position of authority. While a bachelor’s degree is standard, the minimum standard is not always enough to land a position. Certification as a CPA is usually preferred, as is an experience in accounting, economics or auditing.

Remember that the job of the revenue agent is to specialize and audit with a view towards fraud or error. This will be what companies expect, and they might even be hoping that you catch something, since they may have suspicions they cannot prove. You are also in charge of keeping tabs on tax offenders and may have to track them down or research names.

There is a growing need for revenue agents, to update their education and be aware of new laws going into affect every year or perhaps several times a year. Those who focus on a niche, such as international business, usually benefit over CPAs who coast on their title.

The Job Outlook Till 2020

Over the next several years, this industry is set to increase seven percent across multiple states. This is partly based on the guess that the economy will recover. In theory, in a good economy, more companies require tax return help. However, since the job of the revenue agent is to investigate fraud or error, times of recession tend to bring out the worst ethical or incompetent behavior.

Salary expectations should stay at a median of $50,000 per year, though top earners can easily make over $90,000. Wages are increasing, particularly for employees at the federal level.

Granted, the final salary is subject to market fluctuations as well as location. However, with educational experience and or work experience behind you, and with attention to interpersonal skills, which are a must in the field of constant communication, you will do well.
Even if you start at an entry-level position, you will advance quickly, if you are under the tutelage of a senior worker who shows you how the company operates and what to expect.

This is a competitive industry, make no mistake about it. However, the demand for your skills will remain strong. Tax enforcement will continue to grow regardless of economy shifts, and technology will play an ever-increasing part in streamlining the process. While technology will eliminate the need for revenue agents at the entry level, for those with a definite skill set, the market will remain friendly.

Don’t be left behind while the world moves swiftly forward. Continue your education and walk a sure-footed path towards job security and financial reward.

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