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Getting the Nursing Job: Preparing for a Critical Care Nurse Interview

Resume & Interview October 16, 2013

The best way to prepare for an interview and eventually land a critical care nursing job is by practicing interview questions typically asked during a critical care nursing interview. The critical care nurse has the important responsibility of tending to patients that are in critical condition. The care these patients receive from their critical care nurse can greatly impact their chances of recovery. For this reason, hospitals want ensure that they are hiring the cream of the crop for their critical care nursing staff. The University of Delaware believes that the following are some critical care nursing interview questions that every candidate can expect to hear at an interview. The answers should be practiced so the interview goes smoothly.

“Why are you interested in critical care nursing?”

The answer to this question will let the interviewer know that the nurse is truly passionate about helping others. When answering this question, a nurse needs to emphasize that she wants to impact people’s lives by giving them the best care possible and helping them to recover quickly. It is also a good idea to state that she is interested in a career that challenges her and provides her with a change of. If a family member inspired her to join nursing, she should say so.

“What would you do if a doctor questioned your work even if you believed you were correct in what you did?”

This is a tricky situation for anyone to handle, and the interviewer is asking this question to make sure that the nurse can handle herself professionally. The nurse needs to point out that she understands that doctors are in charge and that she respects what the doctor says. She might also want to add that she would want to discuss the matter in detail at a later time, so she can fully understand how she is expected to deal with this situation in the future. She should point out that she is eager to hear constructive criticism and always looking for chances to improve her skills.

“When a stressful situation arises, what do you do?”

As a critical care nurse, one can expect to be in many stressful situations on a daily basis. The interviewer needs to know that the nurse can handle these situations professionally. The nursing candidate should offer different techniques she uses to de-stress and assure the interviewer that she will never let her stress level interfere with her patient care.

“Give me an example of a time in your nursing career where you were proud of yourself.”

This question is asked so that the candidate has a chance to show what matters the most to her. It also presents the interviewer with an opportunity to see whether the candidate has enough confidence to speak about her experiences in a positive light. Confidence in herself will translate to confidence when having to make vital decisions as a critical care nurse. The nurse should have an example prepared that will show how she can act quickly in a stressful situation while treating the patient with respect.

“Do you see this as a long-term position?”

This question is a very important to answer correctly. Every nurse should always go into an interview planning on working for that company over the long term. It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to find quality nurses. The hospital wants to make sure that the candidate is not a waste of their time. The future is always unpredictable, so by answering yes to this question a nurse is never lying.

“Do you have any questions?”

Of all of the critical care nursing interview questions, this one is almost guaranteed to be asked. The interviewer wants to see if the nursing candidate has an intelligent question to ask that will help her further understand the position she is applying for. It is vital that the candidate never asks about salary or time off during the first interview, as this will make it seem like her job is not the first priority. Instead, a nurse should ask a question that shows what aspect of the job is the most important to her.

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