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5 Nursing Schools with High Acceptance Rates

Higher Education Articles October 11, 2013

Looking for Nursing Schools with High Acceptance Rates

In this day and age, it is almost a must to switch careers or move up the financial ladder; however, it is difficult to get accepted into nursing schools. Unfortunately, acceptance rates to nursing programs have become more and more competitive in the last few years.

Most likely this has something to do with the advantages that a career in nursing can bring these days. Not only do many people find it rewarding to work in fast-paced environments that help people, the job offers flexibility in choosing where they work.

Moreover, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Registered Nurse in 2010 made on average $64,690 per year. That is for a nurse who only held an associate’s degree. For anyone with a Bachelor’s in nursing or higher, the compensation was accordingly higher, as well.

There are also a lot of jobs available, which means that even in a down economy a new nurse will have an easier time finding a position that people in other careers might. Also according to the BLS, there were more than 2.7 million nursing jobs available in 2010, and employment growth is faster than the national average at 26 percent.

This speaks to the aforementioned mobility offered by this career: with so many jobs available, new nurses are able to move where they want to be or where they can get the most money.

That being said, it is vital for each student to able to find the right school for themselves. Since schools these days are extremely competitive, some of them even limiting their batches of new students to rates as low as 3 percent of applicants, students should stay informed about which schools have admission requirements that make their job easiest.

Oklahoma City University

This university only requires a 2.5 GPA for nurses already working as RNs who want to turn their credentials into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This means that students who want a BSN, but don’t have the GPA to get into a full-time program right out of high school without nursing credentials, would first get an associate’s degree (with much easier acceptance requirements), and then leverage that into acceptance to a BSN program.

Georgia Southwestern State University

This school promises acceptance to high school students who meet certain standards, including a GPA of 2.8. For a closer look at their exact specifications, take a look at their requirements page.

Azura Pacific University

GPA requirements for this university are fairly easy, only a 3.0. Check out Azura Pacific University admissions page for more on prerequisites and test scores.

Oral Roberts University

This Christian university requires a 21 ACT or a 1000 SAT score, which should be attainable for most students coming either straight from high school or transferring from another college. They require a 3.3 grade point average, but hopeful students shouldn’t sweat if they don’t have it: they can always transfer from a university with lower admission requirements once they’ve pulled up their GPA.

D’Youville College

D’Youville’s requirements are broken down by whether the student is coming from high school or another college. GPAs can be as low as 2.5, so check out D’Youville College for more information.

Other Options

Students should not, by any means, become discouraged if they are unable to fulfill the requirements of these programs immediately upon graduating high school. Similarly, many students will be unable to pay the tuition associated with moving across state lines because they spike so much for out-of-state applicants. If, however, a prospective nursing student wishes to get a nursing degree and one of these options doesn’t work, there is no need to give up yet.

There are other ways to get that nursing degree, and other schools that the student could be admitted to right from home. Usually these are online nursing schools, which offer courses that can be completed totally online or online in combination with hands-on courses at a local university or community college. If what someone wants is to get their career started in nursing, persistence will pay off.

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