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Accelerated Online Degree Program Options

Higher Education Articles February 25, 2013

Students can quickly complete a degree program through an accelerated online degree program compared to a traditional degree program. Several programs are self-paced, though students enrolled in many accelerated programs are required to follow the exact guidelines as outlined in equivalent programs conducted on-campus. In this article, we will look at some accelerated online degree program options.

Options for Accelerated Online Degrees

Working professionals who are busy will find accelerated online degree programs suitable for them to enroll in. It takes eight weeks to complete semester courses and just about eighteen months to complete the degree programs, which is half the time it takes to complete a degree program at a traditional university or college. Students can complete several accelerated online degree programs within one year, and other programs allow students to take one course at a time.

Online Component

Schools that offer on-campus accelerated degree programs expect students to attend weekend or evening classes. By contrast, accelerated online degree programs allow admitted students to study at a place and time of their convenience. There are self-paced, self-directed accelerated online degree programs as well as deadline-oriented ones following a schedule set by instructors. Students aspiring to complete an accelerated online degree program can choose to admit themselves in an accelerated hybrid program that entails a combination of online and classroom instruction. Thus, students can have face-to-face interaction with teachers half of the time while doing independent study during the remaining time. In some hybrid programs, the proportion of online instruction exceeds that of classroom learning.

Types of online Degree Programs

Students can aspire to earn doctoral, master, bachelor, and associate degrees, apart from diplomas and certificates, by enrolling in an accelerated online degree program. Organizational management, humanities, criminal justice, education, dental hygiene, public health informatics, nursing and business administration are among the various fields of study covered by such programs.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for accelerated online degree programs may be quite different from those in traditional programs. For instances, enrollment in some programs requires candidates to have some years of experience working in the field. Some other programs expect enrolling students to have completed a bachelor degree program from an accredited school.

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