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Adobe Photoshop Class and Course Descriptions

Higher Education Articles March 5, 2013

Adobe Photoshop courses are available through undergraduate and graduate degree programs in illustration, graphic design, web design, and through Adobe Photoshop certificate programs. Students will learn how to design and create digital images and illustrations for web and print publication.

Adobe Photoshop Introductory Course

The editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop software are introduced to students who are enrolled in the Adobe Photoshop introductory courses. Students can become adept at using the Adobe Photoshop interface and accessing its diverse range of features. Students learn how to save and store image files and define a variety of processes where images can be edited. Those who complete the Adobe Photoshop course will learn how to use stamp and pencil tools, airbrush, and paintbrush.

Adobe Photoshop Course – Editing Images

This is an intermediate-level Adobe Photoshop course that familiarizes users with the software’s image enhancement and editing features. Key concepts used to evaluate images and to identify repair methods and possible corrections are taught through lectures. Dust and scratches from images are removed digitally and images are combined in creating a composite image. Framing photos, sharpening images, adding soft focus effects and application for color correction are other skills taught through the Adobe Photoshop course.

Adobe Photoshop Course – Image Layers

One of the most powerful tools on the Adobe Photoshop Software is layering images. An overview of layer management techniques and layer features are given to students enrolled in the course, including duplicating, flattening, reordering, deleting, and adding layers. Students are required to work with gradients that involve the blending of two or more colors; they also work with masks, which facilitate the addition and removal of backgrounds from an image or picture. They also learn to isolate image layers in order to add or erase layers to a particular portion of the image.

Adobe Photoshop Course – Web Design

Another application of Adobe Photoshop is making photos presentable for the web. Students are also taught on how to convert images to larger or smaller sizes to make them easily viewable on a site without distortion. Students learn how to find the optimal tone and size for images that can be used online; they also learn how to animate images and create webpages.

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