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Certification Program Overview for CNA Training in Michigan

Higher Education Articles January 16, 2013

Individuals interested in embarking on a career in the healthcare industry can choose to complete CNA (certified nurse assistant or aide) training over a short period of time. If such individuals reside in Michigan, they should consider CNA training offered at Lancing Community College and Henry Ford Community College. In this article, we will take a look at the programs offered at these schools.

CNA Training Programs in Lansing Community College

This college has the third largest number of enrollments among community colleges in Michigan. The school offers over two hundred forty associate degree and certificate programs out of nearly 2,500 different courses. These include over two hundred online courses. The CNA programs at Lansing Community College are offered as part of a rapid entry program at the college; students taking the courses under this program can expect to become employable within a year.

Long-Term Care Nurse Aide Certificate Program

This is a state-approved program that individuals can complete in order to prepare for a job as a nurse aide in a long-term care facility or a home healthcare agency. Coursework spanning ninety-four hours, over three weeks, includes classroom lectures and hands on training in a clinical setting. The curriculum includes subject areas such as basic roles of the nurse aide, infection control, respecting resident rights, encouraging resident independence, basic nursing skills, and interpersonal skills including communication. Once they complete the course, candidates will be able to take the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide exam that will qualify them for a CNA certificate.

Acute Care Nurse Assistant Certificate

Students can choose to do this course either as a 16-week day and evening program or an 8-week day program. The program prepares students who seek jobs as patient care technicians or nursing assistants in clinics, acute care hospitals, or urgent care settings. Coursework is delivered through a combination of clinical experience, lectures and laboratory work. Acute care nurse assistants serve patients by doing routine tasks for them. Students become adept at escorting patients to appointments and examining rooms, taking vital signs, performing glucose testing, observing patients’ physical and emotional condition. Once they complete the course, candidates will be able to take the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide exam that will qualify them for a nurse assistant certificate.

Acute & Long-Term Nurse Aide Certificate Program

This course is a combination of the features of long term acute care nurse assistant and care nurse aide programs and short-term day and evening programs. Once they complete the program, students can seek work in a home healthcare agency or acute care or long-term facility. They can garner the knowledge and skills needed in the provision of basic health care expected of a CNA. When the course is completed, candidates will be able to take the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide exam that will enable them to become a certified nurse assistant.

Lansing Community College Contact Information

  • Address: 419 N. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48901
  • Phone Number: (517) 483-1957

CNA Training Programs in Henry Ford Community College

This fully accredited school offers various programs and courses, including CNA training courses.

Nurse Aide Certificate program

This program spans eleven weeks, trains students to function as nurse aides and prepares them for continued education in the form of an associate degree program in nursing. Coursework includes ninety hours of classroom lectures fifty-two hours of hands on training in a clinical setting, and one hundred twenty-eight hours of laboratory experiments. The course imparts basic knowledge of provision of nursing care to patients in acute care settings or clinics and hospitals. Once they complete the course, candidates will be able to take the state test that will earn them the CENA (competency evaluated nurse aide) designation and qualify them to become a certified nurse aide.

Henry Ford Community College Contact Information

  • Address: 5101 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, Michigan 48128
  • Phone Number: (313) 845-9600


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