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Five Degrees That Can Boost Your Politic Career

Higher Education Articles November 20, 2012

If your interest in a political career has been whetted by the coming presidential election, you should consider earning a college degree that will enhance your chance of success in politics. In this article, we will look at five college degrees that can boost your political career.

Degree in Political Science

You might want to know everything about the government body development and how public policy is created. Then, a bachelor degree in political science is what you need to learn the mechanics of politics, including how political systems work and how it originated (Source: U.S. Department of Labor.) The course will cover other areas such as political ideology, political theory and public policy. Students who earn a political science degree will chart a career path as a policy analyst or political scientist. The degree will equip you with the knowledge to work as a teacher or research assistant. Famous politicians who equip themselves with a degree in political science include US Presidents Barack Obama and Woodrow Wilson.

Degree in International Relations

In an increasingly interlinked world, there is a need to understand what is going on around the world, and you can accomplish that objective with a bachelor degree in international studies. Relevant courses teach the effects of war on intelligence, diplomacy, and foreign trade. Additionally, you can learn how nations react on cultural, military and economic issues. A bachelor degree in international relations will help with a career path as a legislator, government executive or Foreign Service officer. US President William Jefferson Clinton had a bachelor degree on international relations from Georgetown University.

Degree in Business Administration

With business being the core focus of America, it stands to reason that students seeking a political career will want to learn business management. A bachelor degree in business administration can boost your skills with respect to managing and directing an organization’s goals. There are courses in a range of topics including business policy, sociology, managing, economics, marketing and accounting. Armed with a bachelor in business administration, you can trace a management career path in government (for instance, in the Treasury Department). You could use the degree to find jobs in nonpolitical areas such as finance and marketing. President George Walker Bush earned a MBA at Harvard University.

Degree in Communications

Clarity of communications is an essential need in politics, especially in the backdrop of the forthcoming presidential election. Armed with a bachelor degree in communications, you could study mass media, communication and rhetoric, public relation, marketing, and journalism along with learning the impact of media on our culture and laws. A bachelor in communications will build a career path as a news analyst. Among nonpolitical options, you could aim for a career as a public relation specialist, advertising or marketing manager, or program director. White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino has a bachelor degree in mass communications.

Degree in Economics

The importance of money in the world needs no emphasis; therefore, economic knowledge is essential to politician because they are seeking campaign funds or reducing the national deficit. Economic gives a clear perception on the distribution of resources (machinery, raw materials, labor and land) by society aimed at the production of goods and services. They engage in researching, collecting and analyzing of data relating to employment levels, taxes, interest rates, inflation, business cycles, exchange rates and energy costs. A bachelor degree in economic allows you to become a public policy consultant, a market survey researcher, or management consultant. President Ronald Reagan had a degree in economics, as did President Herbert Walker Bush.

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