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Five Steps to a Lucrative Art Teaching Career

Higher Education Articles November 1, 2012

Art teachers try to develop creative expression and encourage an appreciation of colors, shapes and textures, even as they encourage students in developing artistic talent. Such guidance by an art teacher sees the participation of students in various projects including painting, sculpture and ceramics among other art forms. There are teachers in art history who seek to familiarize their students with the work done by professional artists. In this article, I’ll show potential art teachers five steps they must take to launch themselves on their career path.

Showcase Your Proficiency in Many Artistic Styles

Prospective art teachers must be proficient in different art forms. These could include skills in charcoal, clay, watercolor and oil painting among other art mediums. They can enroll in different design courses offered by colleges and universities around the country as a stepping stone towards a career in art teaching.

Equip Yourself with a Graduate Degree

The conventional step to a career as an art teacher is to earn a bachelor degree in art education. Another option for students is to complete a bachelor degree in art and advance their expertise by completing teacher training course. Aspiring art teachers can focus on specialized art-related fields that could range from digital art to painting, which include visual art and art history among other areas of specialization. While classes are likely to vary according to the area of specialization, they will share common ground in focusing on painting, style and color theory.

A Teacher Education Program Will Insure Your Career

An ambitious student who wants to become an art teacher and complete a bachelor degree program will find the program to include teacher training preparatory. Such programs seek to prepare students with the necessary credentials to enable them to embark on a teaching career after they complete their graduation.

Such preparatory programs for teachers include supplemental courses covering areas such as methods of teaching, management of classrooms and planning of lessons. Under such programs, the graduate schools assign students to teach at art schools supervised by the watchful eye of a licensed teacher. This serves the dual purpose of allowing the use of methods and techniques they have learned while giving them useful teaching experience.

Earn Teaching Certification

Teaching certification calls for different requirements in different states. However, the completion of a formal training program is a prerequisite to applying for such certification in most states. Additionally, the applicant should have pass basic tests in reading and math and must be able to demonstrate their familiarity with design, media and art. Certification is a must for a teacher who aspires to teach in public schools, such a requirement is not necessary in regard to community art programs and private schools.

Any Teaching Experience can Boost Your Career

Aspiring art teachers must grasp every opportunity to gain teaching experience, whether in the form of internships, or by volunteering to teach in community children’s programs or even working as a substitute teacher. Apart from valuable experience, this would promote networking opportunities. Art teachers can look for employment opportunities by looking at classified ads and publications targeted at teachers’ unions and educators,  apart from school boards.

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