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How to Organize Your NCLEX Study Group

Higher Education Articles March 13, 2013

If you are looking for a career in which you will have lots of opportunity for advancement and one that is rewarding both morally and financially; you should consider enrolling in a program that leads to a healthcare career. You have to be prepared to spend extensive time in the classroom and lab, work in a clinical internship and pass a certification exam called the NCLEX.

Students who are enrolled in a nursing program, the culmination of years of study comes down to passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) that is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It is extraordinarily comprehensive and requires concentrated study. For this reason, many nursing students form their own study groups.


The NCLEX-RN Test Plan provides a concise overview of the scope and content of the licensing exam. It serves as a guide for exam development along with candidate preparation; each member of the study group will need a copy of the plan. You will also need to have sample tests and questions that concentrate on various sections of the plan. Questions on the examination challenge nursing students on practical application, knowledge and the ability to adapt knowledge to analysis and situations. Test items are in various formats, such as:

•Drag and drop
•Multiple response
•Multiple choice

All item types could include multimedia, such as:


Preparing for the NCLEX

Procrastination is extremely harmful for students who want to prepare for the examination. You should start studying at least three months before your NCLEX exam date. Some of the things that you should include in the preparation process are:

•Study materials that highlight any weak points you need to work on based on your results on the RN Predictor test
•Review material
•Sample tests
•Join a study group
•NCLEX Study Group

Studying with others that have the same goal of becoming a nurse is a tremendously effective way to prepare for the NCLEX. Multiple approaches to the test materials will be provided by the study groups; they also offer additional sample questions, along with providing the opportunity to compare and discuss the reasons for certain answers on the test. This will help everyone get a clear understanding of the test materials.

If you want to assure yourself that all areas of the NCLEX examination has been covered, then utilize your study group. Start assigning sections to each member with instructions on how to obtain sample questions on the assigned section of the test plan. Additionally, select a person who will be in charge of finding sources that provide sample tests to the NCLEX, it could either be in test review books or through internet websites; so the group can practice mock testing situations.

National and state governing bodies along with schools will have resources available to the NCLEX exam. NCLEX study materials are available on various independent internet websites. The NCLEX exam is delivered through the computer at approved sites across the United States. A majority of sample questions will be similar to the actual computerized test, and it may be administered to your study group to simulate actual examination conditions.

Getting Close to the Exam Date

As the National Council Licensure Examination date approaches, the concentration of your study will shift from reviewing materials to retesting with earlier tests to highlight areas of study and evaluate the progress that still need additional work. Not only does retesting with past practice tests show areas that need improvement, but results will demonstrate areas where you have made some improvement as well.

Nursing students who are dealing with a busy schedule, and want to put in more study time may feel overwhelm; it is beneficial for students to remember to take care of themselves as the test date approaches. Proper activity, diet, and sleep will allow the body to relieve stress and function well. Following some general study guidelines and working in study groups to receive and give feedback during the National Council Licensure Examination test prep could provide nursing students the edge they need to pass the examination and start a rewarding healthcare career.

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