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Pediatric CEU Requirements and Class Listings

Higher Education Articles September 25, 2013

Nearly every type of nursing position requires some form of continuing education. This is because the medical industry is always growing and changing in terms of new technology. Therefore, it is vital that nurses and other medical professionals get the education they need to stay up with this new technology. One area this is especially important is that of pediatrics.

Pediatric CEU (Continuing Education) is something that every member of the team must have to make certain these members can give the best possible treatment to every child in the care of the practice. Learn more about the requirements for pediatric CEU as well as the class listings one may expect to take to keep up with the continuing education requirements of the position.

Pediatric CEU Requirements

The CEU requirements for pediatric nurses vary from state to state. Additionally, the practice or hospital that you work with may have additional requirements above and beyond this. The best way to find out what is required is to ask your superiors, but outside of that, it does not hurt to check out the webpage for the board that governs your states nursing department.

For instance, in the state of Georgia, you would visit the website for the Georgia Board of Nursing. Additionally, you may be able to find additional information on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website. At the very least, this site provides information on further places you can look to stay current with the current requirements.

Pediatric CEU Course Listing

Since the requirements are so different, in one state to another, it is impossible to give an accurate representation of the course listing that a pediatric nurse will take when he or she goes to complete continuing education. There are CEU courses taught at regular universities, at hospitals and teaching centers as well as at online educational facilities. The hospital or practice for which you work for will be able to tell you where you should go to take your classes.

The course listings below are a sample listing of what someone may expect to take. The list was adapted from the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s continuing education requirements. These courses include:

•Domestic Violence CE
•HIV/Aids CE
•IV Therapy CE
•Pharmacology CE
•Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner CE
•Pediatric Abuse Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome) CE

As you can see, this is a wide range of classes that will help a pediatric nurse be able to best serve a wide variety of young patients.

Continuing education is an important part of nursing. As time goes by, it will only become more urgent for nurses to make certain they are keeping up with all the new technological advances so that patients can get the very best treatment possible.

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