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Sample Questions to the NCLEX-RN Cardiac Care Exam

Higher Education Articles August 6, 2013

The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, better known as NCLEX-RN, asks specific questions to prove that registered nurses specializing in cardiac care are qualified to be licensed to work in their chosen field. Cardiac NCLEX questions are designed to test the knowledge of prospective nurses who are trying to become licensed RNs.

Examples of NCLEX-RN Cardiac Questions

The nurse recognizes the action of beta blockers for treatment of dysrhythmias is:

Answering this question correctly proves the nurse’s understanding of the use of beta blockers for the treatment of dysrhythmias. Questions that discuss beta blockers are geared to measure the nurse’s knowledge of how cardiac medications are used and their effectiveness during treatment.

When planning care for a client receiving treatment for cardiac dysrhythmias, an appropriate client outcome would be?

A nurse who can answer questions pertaining to the after care of a patient understands what needs to be done to keep them on the right track to good health. Being able to answer questions about treatment plans and how they will affect patients is important for a registered nurse who wants to work in a cardiac care unit.

A nurse is caring for a patient with a platelet count of 20,000/micro liter. Which of the following is an appropriate intervention?

Registered nurses specializing in cardiac care who can properly answer questions about specific interventions and interactions between patients and physicians show a direct knowledge of how the cardiovascular system works and is familiar with details pertaining to blood counts and other units of measure used in cardiology.

A patient is admitted to the hospital with suspected polycythemia vera. Which of the following symptoms is consistent with the diagnosis?

Understanding symptoms and how it relates to the care of a cardiac patient is important when determining if a registered nurse has the knowledge and qualifications to work in a cardiac care unit. It is a nurse’s responsibility to identify and report any symptoms they see represented by the patient.

There are a number of risk factors associated with coronary artery disease. Which of the following is a modifiable risk factor?

Nurses have the ability to educate patients. While the physician is busy evaluating symptoms, diagnosing and treating the patient, the nurse has the necessary information to talk to the patient about possible lifestyle changes they can make to improve their overall cardiovascular health. They are able to spend more time with patients and answer any questions they may have about altering diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.


Taking the NCLEX-RN examination provides registered nurses with the documentation that they have proven themselves in front of the nursing board and that they are qualified to work hand in hand with physicians who specialize in cardiac care.

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