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Schools that Offers Spiritual Psychology

Higher Education Articles July 12, 2013

Spirituality is one of those taboo topics like politics. Spirituality for any person is based on his or her own personal beliefs and interpretation of what it is. Since it is born of free will, you have to be careful you are not lead astray by false doctrines, but be guided by your intuition. Such a tenuous subject yet so important to ones who seek to gain inner knowledge of themselves and their spirituality.

Not many schools offer this controversial subject matter, but you can be sure each one will have its own teachings on the subject. The University of Santa Monica, Walden University, Sofia University and the School of Spiritual Psychology are among the few.

The University Of Santa Monica, located in picturesque California, has the perfect location for calm and serenity, which is close to all the amenities. Founded in 1976, this university enrolled over 500 local, regional, extra-regional and international students. The classes are so structured that people with other responsibilities can participate. Through its doctrines and practices, this university equips its students with the tools necessary for them to be meaningful contributors to their society.

Walden University located in Minneapolis boast regional accreditation by the United States Department of Education, as one of the premier campuses offering both on-campus and online curricula. Though geared mainly to online students, Walden boast of over forty years in the education field. Their Spiritual Psychology program is claimed to be second to none and surpasses its oppositions in being the best available.

Sofia University founded in 1880 is arguable one of the oldest universities offering Spiritual Psychology. The first of its kind to offer higher education in Bulgaria, it is said to be the embodiment of centuries of educational and cultural traditions. Its tranquil location is perfect for the undertaking of such a mellowing subject as Spiritual Psychology.

The School of Spiritual Psychology located in Benson, North Carolina is the youngest of all the featured schools herein. Founded by Robert Sardello, Ph.D. and Cheryl Sanders in 1992, is a truly non-traditional school. With no real campus to speak of, it is inherently a series of retreats targeted at the personal fulfillment of one’s spirituality awareness. In the absence of claims of accreditation with any entity responsible for such, it’s your personal decision whether your enrollment is for personal spiritual development or as a means of advancement in a particular field.

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